Alarm Lock Trilogy Networx DL1325NW - Narrow Stile Digital Lock Trim - With Turnpiece

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Width x Height x Depth:
1.75 (in)


15.41 (in)


1.63 (in)

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Alarm Lock Trilogy Networx DL1325NW - Narrow Stile Digital Lock Trim - With Turnpiece

The Alarm Lock DL1325NW is a Wireless Access Lock Trim offered in Satin Chrome Finish and Duronodic Finish, which allows you to retrofit Adams Rite latch locks with a keyless outside trim. This lock trim comes with a digital keypad in which users can enter a pin code to unlock the lock. Further, scheduling of lock/unlock events to be run at specific times can also be setup. All this can be achieved either on demand or can be pre-programmed. Changing user codes and scheduling events can be achieved either at the lock itself or can be done wirelessly through the internet, from a Networked PC, with the help of Alarm Lock Gateways, thereby saving time and effort required to program each lock. A date/timestamped audit lock trail of locking/unlocking events is also maintained which can be retrieved effortlessly through the internet.

The lock trim supports up to 5000 user codes and 35,000 audit logs. This system can be scaled up to 2016 Alarm Lock Networx locks, all communicating wirelessly through Alarm Lock Gateways. The lock trim can be operated with a remote keyfob also.

The Alarm Lock DL1325 lock trim offered in Satin Chrome Finish and Duronodic Finish allows flexible programming and monitoring through the Alarm Lock DL-Windows software which is available free of cost. In case of an emergency, a global lockdown can be activated either at the lock itself, or from the networked PC or from the remote keyfob. 


  • Field-Proven, familiar Trilogy® keyless access lock convenience, programming & electronics
  • Model supports up to 5000 users
  • Trilogy Networx Locks communicate wirelessly via Gateways to Ethernet or 802.11B/G for a comprehensive wireless networked door access control system, eliminating door to door programming
  • Networked to save manpower - On demand in seconds or automatically on a set schedule, wirelessly change/update users, schedules, lock features or retrieve time-/date-stamped audit trails, up to 35,000 events/locks from any networked PC
  • Remote Keyfob Support for unlock, locking or Global Lockdown activation
  • Activate emergency global lockdown in seconds from the Networx PC, Networx lock or keyfob
  • Saves equipment costs - Choice of Networx Gateways support 63 locks, each and multiple Gateways can be used for 2016 Locks, max. per system
  • Proven, Low Maintenance, Wireless Installation and Unsurpassed Battery-Life with Advanced Power-Saver circuits, for years of use in even high traffic areas, powered by 4 off-the-shelf AA Batteries; 3 to 4 years or 100,000 cycles, typ.
  • Flexible System Monitoring, Control & Programming – Program locally using a USB Gateway or remotely across a wireless network (using free Alarm Lock DL-WINDOWS Windows based software)
  • Wide weatherproof operating range from -31 to 151ºF (-35 to 66C)
  • Key override; Mortise Cylinder, 1 1/4”, supplied
  • Compact styling 15 13/32”H x 1 5/8”D x 1 3/4”W
  • LATCH: Aluminum door retrofit keyless outside trim for Adams Rite® 1850, 1950, 4710, 4070, 4730, 4900 Series and MS1850S and MS1950S Series latch locks
  • DOOR THICKNESS: 1 3/4”
  • BACKSET: 31/32”, 1 1/8” and 1 1/2”; Stile thickness 1 3/4”
  • HANDING: Non-handed; fully field-reversible
  • POWER: Uses standard off-the-shelf AA batteries, choice of advanced Power-Saver modes, for longest battery life, from 3 to 4 years or 100,000 cycles, typ., depending on door use
  • KEYPAD: All-metal, vandal-resistant 12-button keypad supports 3-6 digit PIN codes, and multilevel user hierarchy (master, manager, supervisor, basic users)
  • CYLINDER: Mortise Cylinder, 1 1/4” supplied.
  • FINISHES: US26D Satin Chrome, US10B Duronodic
  • GATEWAYS: Choice of networking options for any application, control 63 locks per Gateway and 2016 Locks per system. AL-IME2, AL-IME2-80211, AL-IME2-POE
  • SOFTWARE: Free Windows-based software for programming, entering users and receiving time-/date-stamped (by user) 35K event audit trail from lock, Alarm Lock #DL-WINDOWS


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