Door Hardware Handing Guide

Jul 17th 2019

Determining Door Handing (or Door Lock Handing) can be confusing !!! Many “old Pros” often make mistakes when ordering locks and door hardware! Why? Well, a left hand door is the same as a right hand reverse! Just like a right hand door is the same as a left hand reverse for the purpose of lock handing and door hardware handing! Confused yet? Rest Assured! wants to simplify the door hardware ordering process. First, for the purpose of explaining door handing, let’s take an OUTSWINGING door, or one that opens to the outside. This is known as a REVERSE door.. Exit devices can only be installed on reverse doors because they open “Out”: Left Hand Reverse Handing - If the hinges are on the left (while standing outside) and the door opens towards the outside. Right Hand Reverse Handing - If the hinges are on the right (while standing outside) and the door opens towards the outside. NEXT, let's take a look at INSWINGING door: Left Hand H … read more

The Definitive Guide To Lock Functions

Jun 13th 2018

Lock functions will help you determine which lock will fulfil your needs. This blog post will help you get familiar with the different lock functions that are available. Lock Functions Privacy - This function is usually used in bathroom and dressing room locks. Locks having privacy function generally have a pushbutton or thumbturn on the inside lever, which when pressed locks the outside lever. To unlock the outside lever, simply rotate the inside lever. Privacy locks might be equipped with an emergency coin turn on the outsider lever which can be used to unlock the door in case of an emergency. Storeroom - Locks having storeroom function are characterized by a rigid outside lever. This means that a key is required to retract the latchbolt to open the door from the outside. At the same time, the storeroom lock's inside lever retracts latchbolt and always give free egress from the inside. Such locks are ideal for securing storage areas, electrical rooms … read more

Alarm Lock Access Control Locks

May 30th 2018

Alarm Lock is a global leader in access control and exit solutions for use in industries such as retail, healthcare, education, transportation etc. This blog aims to describe the different  Alarm Lock Access Control Locks and Alarm Lock Products.  Alarm Lock Access Control Locks Alarm Lock's product categories include Trilogy access control solutions which provide access through PIN codes and/or HID proximity ID cards and badges. Advanced Trilogy access control solutions can store scheduled events such as automatic locking/unlocking events and keep an audit trail log of door activity made by users, which can be retrieved into a PC and/or printed for record keeping purposes. The Trilogy Networx access control solution allows locks to be setup in a network thereby eliminating door-to-door operations, which are now managed remotely from a server PC. The newly introduced ArchiTech Networx Series takes the technology of Trilogy Networx locks and allow … read more

What are the Different Kinds of Locks?

Apr 20th 2018

This blog will talk about all things locks. This includes answering your queries about the different kinds of locks. In the second part, we will try to answer your queries about what are the different categories of locks. Hopefully, at the end, you will have a better idea, before making a purchase. Please remember that you can always call our expert locksmiths for more information and guidance. We are there to help you … read more

Lock and Door Hardware Finishes

Apr 4th 2018

This article will explain to you in detail about Door Hardware Finishes, including answering your question "What are the Different types of Door Hardware Finishes?" There are two standards in the United States which have identified and defined door hardware finishes. The earlier standard is the United States Standard, developed by the Institute of Standards, and finishes in this standard are depicted as US10B, US26D etc. The  more recent standard has been defined by the Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association (BHMA) and is known as BHMA A156.18 Materials and Finishes. The BHMA Standard not only defines a finish, but maps it to its equivalent US Standard finish. The difference between the BHMA Standard and the US Standard is that the BHMA Standard take into account the base material over which the finish is applied. For example, while there are three BHMA Standard numbers for Satin Chromium Plating; BHMA 626 is Satin Chromium on brass or bronze, BHMA 652 is Satin Ch … read more

Welcome to The NEW!

Posted by Jim McCarthy on Jan 6th 2018

Welcome to the NEW LocksandSafes.Com ! We are very exited about our new site, as we are including many features that we don't have on our legacy site, First, we have a new URL which is more distilled, and better reflects our specialties,  Also,a new logo which we think is pretty KOOL!         But lets take a look under the hood! Keying Service As you know, we are major distributors of  PDQ Door Hardware we are implementing a new product option: Locks KEYED ALIKE!   now you dont have to order your locks online, bring them to the local locksmith, Then hand have him key them up!    Simply select this option on checkout, and your locks will arrive all on one key! Next We are posting a dedicated page to PDQ's price list.this is a  PDF  document with very detailed product specifications … read more