Alarm Lock



Locks and Safes presents our expansive collection of alarm locks for your door security needs. Whether you choose a commercial keypad lock or a key card door lock, Locks and Safes has exactly what you need to keep your building secure.

Our selection of commercial keypad locks are perfect for keyless entry to buildings and rooms. Instead of having to remember your key each time, you simply type in a secure passcode to unlock the access control hardware. You can give this passcode to each employee who needs access. When they leave, you can change the passcode rather than having to fight with them to get the key to your business back or risk having to re-key all of your doors. This is an ideal option for the outside doors to businesses.

Key card door locks are popular in hotels and dormitories. Each door can have its own magnetic key card. These can be remotely turned off and easily programmed, which makes them ideal for areas that need to be secured but that will frequently be changing ownership.

We also offer proximity locks. If you’ve grown tired of replacing key cards because of the tendency of their magnetic strips to wear down over time, rfid locks, also known as proximity locks, may be the right option for you. These alarm locks work on radio frequencies rather than magnetic currents, which means that simply by being near the door lock with the correct fob or key card will give you the access you need.

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