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Founded in 1950, Gardall Safe Corporation was primarily known for being a northeast regional dealer-based safe manufacturer and stayed that way for the first 15 years of its existence. From 1970-1985 Gardall focused its effort on product development and improving the quality of its safes. During that timeframe, many safes passed U.L. tests for fire, drop and explosion requirements.

From 1986 through today, Gardall has transformed its business to a distribution model with 55 distributor warehouses across the U.S. and over 3,500 retail dealers. Gardall has become a recognized world leader in residential, small business, and commercial grade safes.

Commercial Safes

Gardall B Rated Money Chests are burglary safe and great for commercial storage or home use. They feature laser cut ½” plate steel doors, large locking bolts and bolt down capability.

Buy Gardall B Rated Money Chests depending on size here – Gardall B1515, Gardall B2015, Gardall B2018, Gardall B2815, Gardall B2818.

Fire Safes

UL 2 Hour Fire / UL Burglary Safes No home or business is safe from fire. Statistics show that if a company’s records are lost in a fire, 17% can no longer furnish a financial statement, 14% suffer a reduction in credit rating and 43% go out of business completely. Your vital records and possessions are only as safe as the quality of protection you provide for them. With Gardall fire resistive safes, you can be confident your records will survive.

Buy UL 2 Hour Fire / UL Burglary Safes here

Microwave Safes come with either mechanical or electronic style locks. All safes have plated interlocking bolts that extend into the safe walls to prevent tampering and removal of doors. The doors are precision built of extra heavy steel, full swinging on heavy duty hinges with interlocking, tongue and groove closure on all sides of the door frame. All safes come with a center bolt down hole and hardware to anchor the safe down.

Buy Gardall Microwave Safes here – Gardall MS911-G-E (Electronic Lock), Gardall MS912-G-CK (Combination Lock), Gardall ES1612-G-E (Electronic Lock)

UL Burglary Rated / One Hour Fire Safes All Gardall BF model safes are tested by the manufacturer along side a UL listed one hour fire safe at independent testing facility. BF safes carry Gardall’s Lifetime Replacement Warranty.

Buy Gardall BF Safes here – Gardall BF1713

UL One Hour Fire / Burglar Safes Gardall FB Series Safes offer the next level of protection. FB Series Safes have passed both the UL Fire and UL RSC tests.

Buy Gardall FB Series Safes here – Gardall FB1212, Gardall FB2013, Gardall FB2714

Large 2 Hour Fire Safes Gardall Large 2 Hour Fire Safes are designed and tested to withstand severe fire with outside temperature reaching 1750F. In case of fire, internal temperatures will not exceed 350F for first 2 hours, preventing charring of paper. All Gardall fire resistive safes provide a comfortable margin that protects your valuables. They also have Class “B” burglary resistive features built in right at the factory.

Buy Gardall Large 2 Hour Fire Safes – Gardall 3620, Gardall 4220, Gardall 4820

Economical 2 Hour Fire Safes Gardall offers a full range of two-hour record safes, for residential or commercial use. All five models are available with an attractive two-tone glossy finish. All models carry a KIS two-hour fire label.

Buy Gardall Economical 2 Hour Fire Safes here - Gardall SS1913-G/SS2517-G/SS3918-G/SS4422-G

Gun Safes

UL 2 Hour Fire / UL Burglary Safes Gardall Firelined Gun Safes were engineered by using nearly fifty years of experience in commercial fire safe manufacturing. Gardall have created the best designed firelined protection available in a gun safe today.

Buy Gardall Firelined Gun Safes –

Gun and Pistol Safes Gardall Gun and Pistol Safes keep your firearms protected from falling in wrong hands.

Buy Gardall Gun and Psitol Safes – Gardall GS2522-G-C, Gardall PS915-B-E

Wall Mounted and Concealed Safes

Concealed Wall Safes Gardall wall safes are designed to provide concealed protection for documents and other valuables in a house, condo, or office. Most of the wall safes are designed for easy installation between 16″ on center wall studs. Pre-drilled anchor holes make for easy securing while the built-in flange extends beyond the hole cut for the safe helping you avoid the additional labor of plastering and painting the wall around the safe.

Buy Gardall Wall Mounted Concealed Safes here –

Media Safes

Data Media Safes In today’s age protection of magnetic media has become critical. The loss of personal as well as business records can be costly and devastating. The average fire safe is not suited to protect your electronic records. Gardall’s media safes are designed to meet the additional requirements of protecting magnetic media like Hard Drives, Music CDs, DVDs, Video Tapes etc.

Buy Gardall Data Media Safes – Gardall EDS1210-G-EK/EDS2214-G-EK

High Security Safes

Dual Security B Rated Safe within a 2Hr Fire Safe Designed for complete protection of your valuables. A “B” rated burglary safe is securely welded inside a 2 Hour Fire resistive safe. All safes come with a Lifetime replacement warranty.

Buy Gardall Dual Security B Rated Safe within a 2Hr Fire Safe here.

Gardall Dual Purpose 2 Hour High Security Safes Precision construction and design for both fire and burglary protection. Top compartment is for storage of money and valuables. Bottom compartment is for storage of records.

Buy Gardall Dual Purpose 2 Hour High Security Safes here – Gardall SC1230

Gardall Commercial High Security Safes Gardall Commercial High Security safes are manufactured to specifications which are more stringent than many competitors. Some of the standard features on Gardall TL15 and TL30 safes are available as options with other manufacturers.

Buy Gardall Commercial High Security Safes here – Gardall TL15 (Tool Resistant for 15 minutes), Gardall TL30 (Tool Resistant for 30 minutes), Gardall TL30/6 (Tool Resistant for 30 minutes on all six sides)

Depository Safes

Gardall Depositories Designed to protect money collection where immediate deposit is required. Deposit can be made into the safe while the door is locked. Exclusive baffle design prevents contents from being removed through the entry opening. Hopper rotor is built into safe body and cannot be removed to gain access to the safe.

Buy Gardall Heavy Duty Depositories here.

Buy Gardall Heavy Duty Under Counter Depositories – Gardall DS86 / TC1206 / DS1210 / H2

Buy Gardall Economical Depository Safes here

Buy Gardall Commercial Duty Depository and Under Counter Safes here

Buy Gardall Commercial Light Duty Cash Management and Double Door Safes here

Gardall Heavy Duty Cash Register Tray / Wide Body Depository Safes Designed to keep your cash register trays secure when they are not being used. Helps in reducing petty thefts and loss from out of balance cash registers.

Buy Register Tray / Wide Body Depository Safes here

In Room Hotel Safes

Gardall In Room Hotel Safes Perfect for hotel, hospital, residence halls or anyplace you need a compact safe. The Gardall GH5-G-E opens with either a 3-6 digit combination or a credit card swipe. Safe also comes with an override key if you forget your combination.

Buy Gardall In Room Hotel Safes – GH5-G-E

Concealed In Floor Safes

Gardall Concealed In Floor Safes In-floor safes are designed to be buried in the floor and concealed by a dust cover under a rug or carpet. Installation should be done by a professional safe dealer.

Buy Concealed In-Floor Safes here

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