Intruder Locks

Get extra security in your schools with the Intruder Locks. The locks are designed in such a way that the outside lever can be locked from inside, without the occupants having to leave the classroom to lock the door. Further the locks always allow egress while leaving the outside lever locked. It is safe to say that the Intruder Locks are an effective way to secure Classrooms in the event of a School Lockdown Situation.

Intruder Locks are available in both Mortise and Cylindrical applications. The locks come with a double cylinder.

Mortise Locks with Intruder Function

The more secure Mortise Lock with Intruder function have both a latchbolt and deadbolt. The functionality is described as,

"Latchbolt operated by lever from either side

Key outside extends/retracts deadbolt

Key inside extends/retracts deadbolt

Inside lever simultaneously retracts latchbolt and deadbolt

Auxiliary latch deadlocks latchbolt"

There are the traditional mechanical Mortise Locks like the PDQ MR157 Intruder Deadbolt with Deadlatch series. Another Mortise Lock solution when purchasing Intruder locks for schools is the PDQ MR257 Classroom Intruder Lock. This lock has a 'Locked/Unlocked' indicator. The indicator, which is on the inside, informs the occupants that the lock is locked from the outside, thereby eliminating the need to physically inspect the lever from the outside. Thus occupant safety is not compromised. 

Cylindrical Locks with Intruder Function

Intruder Locks are also available in Cylindrical applications. PDQ's Cylindrical Locks with Intruder functions, the PDQ XGT135LED and the PDQ GT135LED have a RED LED Indicator and are a safe and effective way to manage classroom security. Their functionality is described as follows:

"Latchbolt operated by lever from either side

Key in either lever locks outside lever

Key in either lever unlocks outside lever

Inside lever always free

Red LED Outside Lever Status Indicator

Lock Directional Arrow"

These locks have a button and both the Red LED bulb and button are on the inside. The button on the lock is pressed, and if the LED lights up, it indicates that the outside lever is locked. Thus occupant safety is not compromised.