Intruder Locks

The Intruder Locks are an effective way to secure Classrooms in the event of a School Lockdown Situation. The intruder locks allow the outside lever to be locked from inside. In the event of a school on lockdown emergency, this feature keeps the occupants of a classroom secure. Both Mortise and Cylindrical locks come with an intruder solution.

One option when purchasing Intruder locks for schools is the PDQ MR257 Classroom Intruder Lock. This lock has a 'Locked/Unlocked' indicator. The indicator, which is on the inside, informs the occupants that the lock is locked from the outside, thereby eliminating the need to physically inspect the lever from the outside. Thus occupant safety is not compromised. 

Another option is to purchase a lock with a Red LED. This lock comes with a button, and when this button is pressed, then the LED lights up only if the outside lever is locked. This eliminates the need to open the door to check the lever from the outside which would otherwise compromise safety of occupants who are inside. The PDQ cylindrical locks, the PDQ XGT135LED and the PDQ GT135LED, are two such LED locks which are a safe and effective way to manage Classroom Security.