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About Us


Jim McCarthy


Director of Sales & Marketing

Hello, and thanks for visiting my name is Jim McCarthy and after over three decades as a locksmith and safe technician, I Felt it was time to pursue newer and broader horizons. I could think of no better way to reach more people than through this e-commerce site

Many of our long time customers include schools, municipalities, commercial entities, small businesses, and individuals as well. I have always viewed each customer as very important, and an integral part of our ongoing business. Each person must be 100% satisfied in order for us to grow. That is why I will ask you now. If you have any issues with orders from our site please tell me, if we delivered excellent service to you I would like you to tell all of your friends. I would like all of our customers to meet our key personnel at


Bruce Richman





Hello, my name is Bruce Richman, after many memorable years as an auto technician/mechanic, I had an opportunity to become a locksmith. I think what I have always enjoyed most about locksmithing , aside from the mechanical challenge,is finding solutions to customer's problems. I'm very excited to translate this experience to helping customers through our e-commerce venture


Jinto Sebastian

IT Support & Development



Hello, my name is jinto Sebastian, Head of web development here at locks and I bring over two decades of experience in IT and web development to I enjoy the sense of fulfillment I get from bringing a project from the conceptual stage through development, Implementation and to the final product. Of course, it is a bit like a moving target given that technology evolves so rapidly, but we never stop striving to improve our systems and solutions.. In addition to migrating to a new e-commerce platform, we are excited to be unveiling our lock and safe advanced search engine tool!