Mortise Locks

The Alarm Lock Mortise Locks are electronic battery operated digital locks and are an upgrade over the standard mechanical mortise locks. The locks can be categorized into standalone electronic battery operated digital locks which are sold under the name Trilogy, and wirelessly connected battery operated digital locks, which are sold under the name Trilogy Networx. The locks come with a keypad or a proximity reader, or both a keypad and proximity reader. Users are issued a pin code, or a proximity credential such as an HID proximity ID card or keyfob, or for the highest security, both a pin and proximity credential. They can then enter the pin code at the keypad or scan the proximity credential to unlock the door and enter a restricted area. Different models of the locks accept anywhere from 100 to 5,000 access codes.

Use the Alarm Lock Electronic Digital Mortise Locks in commercial places including schools, hospitals, retail stores, pharmacies, airports etc. With these locks, it is possible now to reduce the challenges of issuing and managing large number of keys, and to mitigate problems such as rekeying locks, in the event of lost keys, or employees leaving.

Apart from providing standard lock functionality, the advanced models of both the Trilogy and Trilogy Networx locks allow scheduling automatic lock/unlock events, in the case of holidays or weekends. Another great feature of these locks is that they keep a log of all lock activity made by users, which can be retrieved into a PC, and/or printed for record keeping purposes. A built-in real time clock date/timestamps these logs, increasing authenticity of the data. So now, you can see which users used the lock at what time. All this information is stored in the lock itself, so that the lock keeps functioning in the case of a power failure.

The Alarm Lock Trilogy Networx locks are a more technologically advanced version of the Trilogy Standalone locks. The Trilogy Networx Locks can be setup in a network, all communicating wirelessly with a networked PC. Setting user access information and audit log retrieval can now be managed remotely from the networked PC, thereby eliminating door-to-door programming of user access information and physical retrieval of audit logs, which is required in the Trilogy locks, saving time, money and manpower. The locks communicate with the networked PC via a bi-directional Alarm Lock Gateway. Up to 2000 locks can be setup in a network, all communicating wirelessly with the networked PC.

Other features of these Trilogy Networx locks include, deploying in seconds a global shutdown of all locks in the network, either from the networked PC, or from any lock in the network (though locks maybe individually programmed to ignore this command). Also enable/disable a network wide passage mode from the networked PC.

The Trilogy Networx locks do not require any dedicated computer, or an expensive server license to operate. All they require is a Microsoft Windows based laptop or desktop running the free Alarm Lock DL-Windows software, a wired or wireless router and a Gateway module.

Both the Alarm Lock Trilogy and Alarm Lock Trilogy Networx Mortise Locks are easy to install and are fully keypad programmable. As such it is not required to wait for the IT network to be setup to start using the locks (in the case of Trilogy Networx locks).

Note: The router and the Gateway are not sold with the lock.