Simplex L1000 Series

The Simplex L1000 is a mechanical 5 button pushbutton cylindrical lock which comes with a lever. The Simplex L 1000 cylindrical lock eliminates the need for key management, battery replacement and card management, and is an affordable access control solution for high traffic and crowded areas such as institutional, residential and industrial sectors.

The Simplex L1000 5 button pushbutton lock allows access from the outside by entering a combination while allowing free exit from the inside. It allows for a single access code, which can be easily changed through the keypad without removing the lock.

The Simplex L1000 mechanical pushbutton lock is factory handed.

The Simplex L-1000 5 button Combination lock is offered in three operating modes -

1. Simplex L1000 pushbutton with combination entry - has normal combination entry - comes with keyoverride (Simplex LL1021, Simplex LL1022, Simplex LL1025, Simplex LR1021, Simplex LR1022, Simplex LR1025) or without keyoverride (Simplex LL1011, Simplex LL1012, Simplex LL1015, Simplex LR1011, Simplex LR1012, Simplex LR1015).

Click here to view the Simplex L1000 combination entry lock.

2. Simplex L1000 Passage function - has combination entry and passage mode - comes with keyoverride (Simplex LL1041, Simplex LL1042, Simplex LL1045, Simplex LR1041, Simplex LR1042, Simplex LR1045) or without keyoverride (Simplex LL1031, Simplex LL1032, Simplex LL1035, Simplex LR1031, Simplex LR1032, Simplex LR1035).

Click here to view the Simplex L1000 Passage lock.

3. Simplex L1000 Privacy function - has combination entry and privacy mode - comes with only keyoverride (Simplex LL1076, Simplex LR1076)

Click here to view the Simplex L1000 Privacy lock.

Note: Simplex 1000 mechanical pushbutton lock series with knob is also available - this series is essentially the same as the Simplex L-1000 mechanical pushbutton lock, but comes with a knob instead of a lever. Click here to view the Simplex 1000 pushbutton lock.