Alarm Lock Accessories

If you’re already the proud owner of one of our alarm locks, you understand the importance of using access control hardware to protect the security of your doors. Alarm locks can be used on exterior doors to ensure only those with the proper authorization gain entrance to your building, or they can be used on interior doors, such as hotel room doors or doors to specific parts of your building which contain secure information. Our alarm lock accessories ensure that you continue to have access control to alarm locks in your building.

Our data transfer modules allow you to transfer program data from a PC to multiple locks within your building. For example, if you were to use multiple commercial key card door locks within the wing of a dormitory and a student were to lose his or her key card, you would want the ability to recode the door without having to call in a specialist. Our data transfer modules are perfect for this sort of key card door lock system. They can also be used to store data for keyless door locks and commercial keypad locks. As long as you have a PC with the correct hardware, you could use it in conjunction with our data transfer modules to ensure continual door security in your building.

Interface cable similarly connect PCs to door locks. The difference between the two is that in the case of Interface Cables, you must have the computer with you as you connect to the access control lock, whereas the data transfer module can transfer data from a computer and then be brought to the lock separately.

We also offer an alarm lock infrared printer. If it’s important to you to keep a record of who is entering and exiting through access control locks, our infrared printer is the alarm lock accessory for you. The height of door security, infrared printers connect to electronic door locks and print an event log and user code. This can be important if you’re trying to get a head count of who was in your building during a fire alarm or if you need to see who accessed a certain room at a certain time. At the push of a button, anything you need to ensure the security of your electric locks can be at your disposal.

Owning security locks is only the first step in ensuring continual door security. Once your alarm locks are in place, enhance your access control with our many alarm lock accessories, which are specially designed to put you in charge of your door security. Access control locks don’t have to be hard to run. With our carefully engineered alarm lock accessories, you can be the master of your door security in no time at all.