Cylindrical Locks

The Cylindrical Locks made by Alarm Lock are high quality, durable access control locks, ideal for use in commercial settings. These cylindrical locks come as either standalone electronic digital access locks, or as wirelessly networked access control solutions. The locks come with a keypad or a proximity reader and users are given a pin code/proximity credential such as a HID proximity ID card or keyfob, to unlock the door. By using these locks, time, money and manpower savings in the form of reduced dependence on key issuance and key management can be achieved.

Alarm Lock Trilogy: Standalone Electronic Keyless Access Cylindrical Lock
The standalone access control cylindrical locks made by Alarm Lock are sold under the name 'Trilogy'. The locks come with a keypad, or a proximity reader, or both a keypad and proximity reader. Users are assigned a pin code and/or a proximity credential such as HID proximity ID card or keyfob, and they can enter the pin code at the keypad, or scan their proximity credential to unlock the door. Different lock models provide support for different number of pin codes/prox credentials, ranging from 100 to 5000 users.

The locks in-built non-volatile memory stores these codes/credentials and keeps the data safe in the event of a power failure. Further, the locks come in different styles which can fit almost all doors or exit trims.

The more advanced models of these standalone digital cylindrical locks allow functions such as event scheduling, like automatic lock/unlock events for holidays and weekends. The advanced models can also keep an audit trail of lock activity made by users, which can then be retrieved into a PC, and/or printed for record keeping purposes. These lock have a real time clock, which ensures that scheduled events run on-time and audit logs are date/timestamped to give more authenticity to the log data.

Alarm Lock Trilogy Networx: Wireless Access Controlled Networked Locks
The Trilogy Networx Cylindrical Locks are wirelessly networked access control solutions which allow a number of locks to be setup in a network and communicate with a networked PC, so that tasks such as user access management, event scheduling and retrieving audit log data can be performed remotely from the networked PC. This leads to savings of time and money which would otherwise have been required in door-to-door-programming of user codes and physical retrieval of audit logs from the lock. The locks communicate with the networked PC via an Alarm Lock bi-directional Gateway. Each Gateway supports up to 63 locks and in a network, up to 32 Gateways can be added, so a system wide network of up to 2000 locks can be set up and managed from the networked PC.

Other features of these wireless access control solutions include, deploying in seconds a global lockdown of all locks in the network, either from the networked PC or from any lock, in case of an emergency. Locks can be individually programmed to be excluded from this function, if desired. Also, initiate a system wide ‘passage’ mode from the networked PC, of all locks in the network.

The Trilogy Networx Wireless Locks come with a keypad, or a proximity reader, or both, a keypad and proximity reader. Users can be assigned a pin code which they can enter at the keypad, or a proximity credential such as a HID proximity ID card or proximity keyfob, which they can scan at the lock to enter.

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