Networx Trim

The Alarm Lock Networx Trim allows you to retrofit Adams Rite Deadlatches such as the Adams Rite MS1850S, the Adams Rite MS1950S and the Adams Rite 4900 series with a keyless outside trim. This keyless outside trim comes in both a keypad model (the DL1300NW) and a proximity reader + keypad model (the PDL1300NW) and features the Alarm Lock Networx technology, which allows setting user access codes/proximity credentials, scheduling lock/unlock events and retrieving date/timestamped audit log trails of lock/unlock events to be done wirelessly from a Networked PC through an Alarm Lock Gateway, saving time, money and effort that would otherwise have been required in door to door programming of each lock.

Each Alarm Lock Gateway can support up to 63 trims and locks, and up to 2016 Alarm Lock Networx Trims and Locks can be combined together and set up in a network all communicating wirelessly. A global lockdown in case of an emergency can be activated either from the network PC or from the lock itself. Alternatively a remote keyfob can be used for locking/unlocking and for initiating the lockdown.

The trim supports 5000 user credentials and 35,000 audit logs. The trim is easy to install, is low maintenance, and has unsurpassed battery life, being powered by 4 off-the-shelf AA batteries. The keypad is all metal, vandal resistant and the proximity reader supports many types of credentials including HID prox and AL-ID ID cards.