Trilogy DL2800 Series

The Alarm Lock DL2800 Series Electronic Battery Operated Cylindrical Pin Locks with Audit Trail

Alarm Lock, the leader in electronic pushbutton standalone locks, introduces Trilogy® Electronic Digital Pin Locks with Audit Trail. The DL2800 Series are cylindrical locks which are available with keypads, and can be used in any application large or small, from businesses and hospitals, to retail stores & schools, and from residential units to single family homes.

The locks hold up to 200 user codes (3-6 digits) and have Multilevel security: Master, Manager, Supervisor and Basic Users along with a one-time service code. The locks can be programmed to store 150 scheduled events including 4 "quick schedules" and 1,000 event audit trail logs with date/time timestamp. The locks have a temporary keypad lockout feature which is activated after 3 unsuccessful attempts, are non handed for easy installation, and use 5 standard AA batteries which work for 100,000 cycles typical.

Choose from four different models in the DL2800 Series: