Trilogy PDL4100 Series

About the Alarm Lock PDL4100 Series Electronic Digital Proximity Locks with Privacy and Residency Features

The Alarm Lock PDL4100 Standalone Digital Proximity Locks are available in Pin + Prox Card model. Users can use a Pin or a Prox Card to gain access to restricted areas. To maintain highest level of door security, assign users both a card and code to unlock the door.

The PDL4100 locks feature Privacy and Residency mode. In privacy mode, which can be activated with a button on the inner side of the door, the door will remain locked till the user exits. This feature makes these locks ideal for use in places such as restrooms, fitting rooms, storerooms etc. With the residency feature, once activated, the door will remain unlocked even after user has exited. This feature is extremely beneficial in situations where accidental lockout is of concern, when a person in entering and exiting a room frequently and wants to disable automatic locking.

The Alarm Lock Trilogy PDL4100 series locks holds up to 2000 user codes - Master, Management, Supervisor & basic user, Multiple “one-time” user codes, 500 event schedules, real time clock & 40,000 event audit trail logs. All the PDL4100 locks are weather resistant and can be used both inside and outside.

Choose from four different models when purchasing the PDL4100: