Trilogy PDL5300 Series

About Alarm Lock Trilogy PDL5300 Double Sided Electronic Digital Proximity Locks

The PDL5300 locks from Alarm Lock are double sided electronic battery operated locks and come with both a proxy and pin access. The lock has a built in proximity reader, which accepts most HID Proxy Cards and Prox Keyfobs. The lock also has a keypad and users can enter a pin code to unlock the lock. With the PDL5300, assign directional access to users, in one direction, or the other direction, or both directions.

The locks hold up to 2000 codes, Master, Management, Supervisor & basic user. Multiple “one-time” user codes. 500 event schedule, 40,000 event audit trail. Audit Trail logs indicate direction of access by users and are date/timestamped. Programmable keypad on both sides of the door. Only primary keypad has data transfer capability Key override is only operable on the primary side. The key on the secondary side is use only to remove the lever and access the batteries. Passage Mode when activated gives access to all users in both directions.

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