Standalone Locks

The Alarm Lock Trilogy standalone electronic digital access control solutions are battery operated and come with a keypad, a proximity reader, or both a keypad and proximity reader. Users access restricted areas by entering a pin code on the keypad, or by scanning a valid proximity credential. The locks accept virtually all HID Prox ID Cards and Keyfobs.

These locks come in many different models, such as cylindrical locks, mortise locks and narrow stile locks for glass and aluminium doors. There are also standalone exit trims available, which work with panic devices of most major manufacturers.

The more advanced Trilogy standalone access control solutions have features like scheduling automatic lock/unlock, such as automatic locking/unlocking for holidays and weekends, and storing audit log of user lock activity, which can then be retrieved and printed for record keeping purpose. This audit log feature makes it possible to keep track of all activities pertaining to the lock, such as lock/unlock events, program mode changes, lockout events, unauthorized access attempts etc. The audit logs are date and timestamped also, which gives more authenticity to the data. All this information is stored in the lock's non-volatile memory, which keeps data safe in the event of a power outage.

These battery operated locks come with a visual and audible low battery indicator. Further, the locks have a long battery life, so you do not have to worry about frequent battery replacement.

The Alarm Lock digital standalone access control locks provide immense benefits. With these locks, tasks like issuing and managing keys are a thing of the past. Simply assign each user an access code or proximity id card to give them entry. Save time, money and the hassle involved in re-keying your office lock and issuing a new set of keys, in case one person loses their key. With the audit log functionality, keep track of user activities like which user unlocked the door at what time.

The locks are easy to program. For keypad locks, they are manually programmable. Alarm Lock also offers accessories such as Data Transfer Module, or the DL-Windows software with an Interface Cable, to transfer codes in bulk from a PC to the lock. For proximity cards, the locks support tap and add functionality, where once the lock is put in programming mode, simply add and tap the lock by presenting the ID to the lock's built-in proximity reader. Alternatively, Alarm Lock also offers the AL-PRE Prox Card Reader/Enroller which enables instant, automatic enrolment of Proximity cards, keyfobs, tags.

The Trilogy standalone locks are high quality, reliable and secure solution, trusted by more and more schools, universities, hospitals, retail chains etc and are available for purchase at economical prices from Buy them now!