Simplex 900 Series

The Simplex 900 mechanical pushbutton lock allows fully mechanical access control from the outside, while allowing free exit at all times by using interior thumbturn. This lock eliminates the problems associated with issuing and managing keys and cards and replacing batteries. The lock comes in a deadlocking springlatch model which automatically relocks the door everytime it is closed. It is also available in a deadbolt model, which must be manually relocked when the door closes. Both the Simplex 900 deadbolt lock and the Simplex 900 springlatch lock can be purchased with an optional keyoverride feature. The Simplex 900 deadlocking springlatch model can be purchased as a DOD compliant lock also.

The Simplex 900 mechanical pushbutton lock is a cost effective access control solution, in which a battery is not required to operate the lock. The lock accepts only a single access code making it easier to manage the code for all users. The access code is easily programmed via the keypad without removing the lock from the door.

To purchase the Simplex 900 Deadlock with or without key override, click here.

To purchase the Simplex 900 deadlocking springlatch with or without key override or the Simplex 900 DOD compliant lock, click here.