Trilogy DL4100 Series

About Alarm Lock Trilogy DL4100 Standalone Electronic Digital Locks with Privacy and Residency Features

The Alarm Lock DL4100 Series Access Control Locks give access to users when they enter a pin code. The locks come equipped with Privacy and Residency features, and are ideal for use in places such as classrooms, restrooms, on-call rooms, file rooms and fitting rooms. With the Privacy feature, which is activated from the inside, all users will be locked out, till the user exits the room. With the Residency feature, the lock will remain unlocked even after the user has exited, until the lock is physically relocked.

The DL4100 are electronic battery operated digital locks. The locks hold up to 2000 user codes - Master, Management, Supervisor & basic user, multiple “one-time” user codes, 500 event schedules, a real time clock & 40,000 event audit trail logs. All DL4100 locks are weather proof for use both inside and outside.

Choose from four different lock types when purchasing the DL4100: