Schlage ALX Cylindrical Locks

The Schlage ALX cylindrical locks series are an evolution of the Schlage AL cylindrical locks series. The Schlage ALX Grade 2 cylindrical locks offer strength and durability. These locks also offers someting new - which is a modular design - through seperately packaged components of chassis, function and levers, so that you can create a lock model that meets your needs on-demand.

Higlights of the Schlage ALX Cylindrical Lock

  • Ease of Installation - The Schlage ALX cylindrical locks easily accomodate 1-3/8" to 1-3/4" door thickness with minimal chassis adjustment.
  • Expansive lever and finish offerings - Choose from 10 total lever designs and 9 finishes when purchasing the SchlageALX cylindrical locks. Now you can get protection from viruses and microbes with an Antimicrobial Coating applied on the locks. Please note that the Schlage ALX antimicrobial coating is only available with the Satin Chrom finish (US26D)
  • Extra functionality - The Schlage ALX Grade 2 cylindrical locks can be purchased with an optional Vandlgard Trim. These Schlage ALX Vandlgard trims will enhance your lock security, so that the locks can be used in high use/high abuse situations. The Schlage ALX vandalism resistant trims are field reversible and allow Vandlgard to non-Vandlgard function change.
  • Flexibility - The Schlage ALX mechanical cylindrical locks have a chassis design which allows an on-field function setup
  • Strength - Even though the Schlage ALX cylindrical locks are grade 2 certified, they easily exceed grade 2 strength specifications.
  • Accessilbity - All levers of the SchlageALX cylindrical lock series comply with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).
  • Tactile warning for the visually impaired - Schlage grade 2 ALX cylindrical locks allow you to select an optional tactile warning on your locks, which is a special texture that can be applied to either lever to alert the visually impaired to a potential hazard on the opposite side of the door.