4200 Series

Locksandsafes.com is a proud seller of the 4200 series from PDQ to support your crash bar, or panic bar as they are sometimes called, door hardware. These exit devices are ideal commerical hardware for your exits, and offers grade 1 features at an economy price! They have an enlarged head cover to match the appearance of their grade 1 counterparts. The 4200 series comes in a variety of finishes such as Satin Chrome (630 or US32D) and more, and you can choose from a selection of options like Motorized Latch Retraction, Alarmed Option, and more. When you pick out the right hardware for your exit, be sure to select the trim to pair; whether you're looking for a sectional lever, sectional knob or an escutcheon trim, Locksandsafes.com has it!