Trilogy DL1300NW

The Alarm Lock DL1300NW is a wireless access lock trim which adds keyless outside access and automatic lock or free passage schedule to Adams Rite Latch Lock applications.

The DL1300NW is based on the field proven Alarm Lock Trilogy Networx technology and supports user pin codes for up to 5000 users. The Trilogy Networx technology allows locks to communicate wirelessly via Alarm Lock Gateways with a networked PC, so that assigning user codes and scheduling lock/unlock events is done remotely. This eliminates door to door programming of tasks such as assigning user codes and scheduling lock/unlock events, thereby saving time, money and effort.

The Alarm Lock DL1300NW keeps a date/timestamped record of lock events which can also be retrieved wirelessly from the networked PC.

A remote keyfob support allows locking/unlocking and in case of emergency, allows a global lockdown activation. The global lockdown can also be initiated from the networked PC or from the lock itself.

The Alarm Lock DL1300NW is offered in three models:

  1. The Alarm Lock DL1300NW comes with a lever,
  2. The Alarm Lock DL1325NW comes with a turnpiece
  3. The Alarm Lock DL1350NW comes with a knob.

This Alarm Lock Trim is offered in a Satin Chrome finish (26D finish) and a Duronodic finish (10B finish).