Adams Rite Dual Force

The Adams Rite Interconnected Locks combine latch and deadbolt capabilities for fast, easy and panic-proof exiting. The Interconnected locks come in two models, the Dual Force 2190 Interconnected Deadbolt/Deadlatch for aluminium stile doors and the Dual Force 2290 Interconnected Deadbolt/Deadlatch for wood or hollow metal doors. Both these locks can be opened with a key from either side. The key, when used retracts and extends the deadbolt and deadlatch. From the inside, a person can quickly exit by using the inside lever which retracts both the deadbolt and deadlatch simultaneously. From the outside, the exterior lever retracts only the deadlatch.

Both the Adams Rite 2190 Interconnected Deadbolt/Deadlatch and the Adams Rite 2290 Interconnected Deadbolt/Deadlatch are Grade 1 locks which come in many attractive and aesthetically designed lever styles. The trims and handles are offered in many different high quality finishes.

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