Networx Locks

The Alarm Lock Trilogy Networx Locks are technologically advanced version of the Trilogy Standalone Electronic Digital Locks and allow locks to be connected together in a network, and the locks communicate wirelessly with a networked PC, so that tasks such as setting user access information, programming scheduled events and retrieving audit trail logs can be performed remotely from the networked PC. The locks communicate with the networked PC through a bi-directional Alarm Lock Gateway.

The Trilogy Networx locks eliminate door-to-door programming of user access information and physical retrieval of audit log trails, thereby saving time, money and manpower.

Other features of these locks include, deploying in seconds, a global lockdown of all locks in the network, either from the networked PC or from any individual lock. (Locks can be programmed to ignore this command also). Also, enable/disable a system wide passage mode from the networked PC.

The locks communicate with the networked PC through an Alarm Lock Gateway. Each Gateway can support up to 63 locks and each account can support up to 32 Gateways. So in all, up to 2,000 locks can be setup in one account and can be managed from the networked PC. The system does not require any dedicated computer or costly server license to operate. All it requires is a networked PC, which can be as simple as a Microsoft Windows based desktop or laptop, running the Alarm Lock DL-Windows Software (available free of cost), a wired or wireless router* and a Gateway module*.

These Trilogy Networx Locks come as either Keypad only locks, Proximity Sensor only locks or come with both a Keypad and Proximity Sensor. The proximity sensors accept virtually all HID Proximity ID cards and keyfobs. Further, these Networx Locks are available in Cylindrical Locks model, Mortise Locks model and Exit Trims.

These wireless locks are easy to install and are fully keypad programmable, so they can be setup and be up and running even before the IT department has configured the network. The audit logs, programming data and user data are stored locally at the lock itself, so that the locks can continue functioning without interruption in case of a power failure.

The Alarm Lock Networx Locks are available for purchase at affordable prices from These locks are ideal for use as commercial door locks. Install these locks in global campuses, including school/university campuses, office campuses, hospitals, government buildings etc., and monitor and manage security remotely from the networked PC.

*Both the router and the Gateway can be purchased separately.