PDQ Pulls & Push Plates

PDQ Door Hardware includes a variety of Door Pulls or Door Handles, Door Push Plates and Door Push Bars.

PDQ Pulls

PDQ Pulls are stylish in appearance and are available in a variety of sizes. These pulls can be mounted on different door types including wood, metal and glass doors. They are available in various finishes and you have the option to select Antimicrobial coating for some of these finishes. 

Products include the

Round Straight Pulls -

American with Disabilities Act compliant Round Straight Pulls - 

Flat Straight Pulls -

Cast Pulls - 

Offset Pulls - 

PDQ Push Plates

PDQ 96 Series Push Plates are rectangular plates made of brass or stainless steel, having a thickness of 0.050". Different sizes include:

3-1/2" x 15"

4" x 16"

6" x 16"

8" x 16"

PDQ Pull Plates

PDQ Pull Plates combine a PDQ push plate with a PDQ Pull which is then mounted on a door. 

PDQ Push Bar and PDQ Push Pull Bars

PDQ 91 Series Push Bar is a 1" round straight bar with a 33" center to center length. Lengths over 33" can also be specified (please contact us). Back to back push bars, i.e. push bars mounted on both sides of the doors are also available. Similarly push bar with pull combination is also available.



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