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Trilogy PDL3000 Series

About the PDL3000 Series Electronic battery operated digital proximity locks

Alarm Lock, the leader in electronic pushbutton standalone locks, introduces Trilogy® PDL3000 Series Electronic Digital Proximity Locks. These locks are available in PIN+Prox Card models. Users get access to a secure area by either entering a pin or by using a prox card or for the highest security, use both a card and pin.

Now, install heavy duty, Grade 1 Alarm Lock security locks in your commercial setting and get door security at affordable prices.

Alarm Lock has introduced a new PDL3000K model, which logs mechanical key override use in audit trail.

The PDL3000 series locks hold up to 2000 user codes (3-6 digits) and/or accept HID Prox cards and keyfobs. The locks have Multilevel security: Master, Manager, Supervisor & basic user and can store 500 scheduled events and 40,000 event audit trail logs. The locks have an inbuilt real time clock which works within 1 second accuracy. Further, the locks will read most HID card and keyfob formats. ALL PDL3000 LOCKS HAVE WEATHERPROOF PERFORMANCE FOR INDOOR/OUTDOOR APPLICATIONS 

Choose from five different models in the PDL3000 Series Digital Proximity Locks

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