Trilogy DL6100 Series

About the Alarm Lock DL6100 Trilogy Networx Digital Locks
The Alarm Lock DL6100 Trilogy Networx Digital Cylindrical Locks are wirelessly networked locks in which programming user codes and retrieving audit trail logs is done through the Internet. Users gain access by entering a 3-6 digit pin code, which can be programmed from a networked PC. Events such as automatic locking/unlocking for holidays and weekends can be scheduled wirelessly on these locks and the locks support 500 scheduled events. Further, audit trail of user lock activity can be wirelessly retrieved and printed for record keeping purposes. Each lock can hold 40,000 event audit trails.
Eliminate door to door programming of user codes and physically retrieving audit trail logs with the Trilogy Networx Digital Locks, saving time, money and labor.
The locks and the PC communicate with each other through a Networx Gateway, and each gateway supports up to 63 locks. Up to 32 gateways can be combined together in one access control system, totaling 2000 networked locks, all wirelessly connected.
The DL6100 series locks come in the following models:
  • DL6100 - Standard Key Override
  • DL6100IC - Interchangeable Core
  • DL6175 - Standard Key Override with Regal Curved Lever
  • DL6175IC - Interchangeable Core with Regal Curved Lever