Trilogy DL5200 Series

About the Alarm Lock Trilogy DL5200 Electronic Double Sided Digital Locks

Alarm Lock's Trilogy DL5200 Series Double Sided Digital Locks are Grade 1, heavy duty locks, weatherproof for both interior and exterior use, and come with programmable keypads on both sides. With these locks, users can be assigned directional access (access in one direction, other direction or in both directions). Further, programming codes on one side of the lock works for both sides, saving time and labor.

The Trilogy DL5200 locks hold up to 100 user codes - 1 Master, 10 Manager codes & up to 3 one time user codes. The key override feature is only operable on the primary side of the lock. The key on the secondary side is used only for removing the lever and accessing the batteries.

The locks are ideal for use in community pool gates, courtyard gates, airport jet bridge doors, communicating doors, interrogation rooms, psych and alzheimer areas, etc.

Choose from four different models, which best suit your need, including: