Adams Rite flushbolts offer greater convenience and flexibility than conventional flip-lever operated flushbolts. With the Adams Rite flushbolts, casual locking of the inactive leaf by unauthorized persons can be prevented. Adams Rite flushbolts are designed for all types of doors. The 1870 Series flushbolt can be installed on narrow stile aluminium doors, while the 1877 Series flushbolt can be installed on wood doors. The 1870HM Series flushbolt can be installed on hollow metal doors.

For more convenience, the Adams Rite MS1880 two point flushbolt offers one operation instead of two, thereby providing security while reducing human error.

The Adams Rite flushbolt should be installed in the inactive door. For greatest security, install an Adams Rite deadlock such as the MS1850SN deadlock in the active door.

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