Adams Rite 4510 - 4500 Series Standard Duty Deadlatch, Flat Faceplate

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Note: Left Hand Handing is the same as Right Hand Reverse Handing and Right Hand Handing is the same as Left Hand Reverse Handing. See handing chart for clarification. Click here to see our Door Handing guide.

Adams Rite 4510 Standard Duty Deadlatch - Flat faceplate, 7/8", 31/32", 1-1/8", or 1-1/2" backset, strike included

The Adams Rite 4510 is a standard duty deadlatch designed for use on aluminium doors. The highlight of this aluminium door lock is that it provides flexibility in managing traffic. Use this storefront door lock to provide security for your healthcare, financial, retail and other applications which require two way free movement of traffic during business hours and exit only free movement of traffic during other hours. To operate this aluminium door lock, simply turn the key or operate handle or paddle to retract the spring loaded latchbolt. To change the operation of the lock to allow free entry and exit, simply push the bolt and secure it by reverse turn of key.

The Adams Rite 4510 aluminium door lock can be interchanged easily, without stile modification with the MS1850S deadlocks (provided the backset and faceplate shape are the same), though the 4510 deadlatches do not provide the same level of security as a deadlock.

This aluminium door lock is highly configurable, and you can select from many different options, bound to meet all your requirements. Choose from different backset sizes, faceplate shape, strike, handing¹ and high quality finishes². For any questions that you might have, regarding these aluminium door locks, please contact our experts.

¹Check out our comprehensive Door Handing Guide for more information on what type of handing your door will require.
²Check out our detailed Door Hardware Finishes Guide for more information on different types of Door Hardware finishes.


The Adams Rite 4510 Series Standard Duty Deadlatch offers flexibility of traffic control during and after business hours. A reverse turn of the key while the bolt is held retracted retains the bolt to allow two-way traffic for healthcare, financial institutions, retail, and other applications that require free entrance at certain times and exit-only at other times. Interchangeable, without stile modification, with any MS1850S Deadlock of same backset and faceplate shape. They do not, however, provide the same maximum security level as the MS® Deadlock.


Turn key or operate handle or paddle to retract spring-loaded latchbolt. To hold bolt retracted, push it in and secure by reverse turn of key. Lock accepts any standard mortise cylinder with MS® cam, available separately. Lock accepts any standard 1" [25.4 mm] length, 1-5/32" [29.4 mm] diameter mortise cylinder with MS® cam such as the 4036 Mortise Cylinder or thumbturn such as the 4066 Thumbturn, available separately. This aluminium door lock accepts cylinder from either or both sides.


Cylinder Backset

7/8" [22.2 mm], 31/32" [24.6 mm], 1-1/8" [28.6 mm] or 1-1/2" [38.1 mm].


The case of the Adams Rite 4510 aluminium door lock is made of steel with a corrosion-resistant plating. Measures 1" x 5-13/16" x depth [25.4 mm x 147.6 mm x depth]. Depth varies by backset (see table below).

 Bolt Holdback

 While bolt is held fully retracted, a reverse turn of the key retains the bolt, allowing the door to be free swinging.


All metal with hardened steel internal pins. Handing is reversible without special tools. Measures 1/2" x 1" x 1/2" [12.7 mm x 25.4 mm x 12.7 mm] throw.

Auxiliary Bolt

All metal. Deadlocks latchbolt to prevent “loiding” or case-knife entry.


Measures 1" x 6-7/8" [25.4 mm x 174.6 mm].


Standard strike furnished is 4902-01 for flat jamb where door closes flush or nearly flush. Available separately: radius strike for opposite stile in paired doors; longer strike (4901) to cover slot strike of MS lock; long lip strikes for center hung doors.


Available in choice of 313 Dark bronze anodized, 335 Black anodized, 628 Clear anodized.

Adams Rite 4510 Aluminium Door Lock Finishes Guide
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Standard Package

Individually boxed with strike and mounting screws. Cylinder, paddle, handle available separately.

Shipping Weight

1-1/4 lbs [.57 kg]. Also available in a 25-unit pack for volume customers. Please contact us for more information.


Backset, faceplate shape, strike, handing, and finish must be specified when ordering.

Adams Rite 4510 Standard Duty Deadlatch Dimensions | Adams Rite 4510 Aluminium Door Lock Dimensions

Adams Rite Deadlatch Selection Guide

Deadlatch TypeBody SizeFaceplateWeatherstripLink to Part #

Standard Duty

Adams Rite 4510 Standard Duty Dedlatch

6-7/8" Flat No 4510
Radius No 4511
Radius Yes 4511W
Bevel No 4512

Heavy Duty

Adams Rite 4920AN Heavy Duty Deadlatch

8" Flat No 4920AN

Heavy Duty

Adams Rite 4900 Heavy Duty Deadlatch

6-7/8" Standard No 4900
Radius Yes 4911W


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