Adams Rite MS1880 Two-Point Flushbolt

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3.00 LBS
Width x Height x Depth:
2.00 (in)


3.00 (in)


9.00 (in)

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Adams Rite MS1880 Two-Point Flushbolt

Adams Rite MS1880 Two-Point Flushbolts offer greater convenience than flip-lever flushbolts. With one operation, they provide security and reduce human error.


Used instead of flip-lever flushbolts in the inactive leaf of paired doors, the Adams Rite MS1880 Two-Point Flushbolts offer greater convenience: one operation instead of two. They also promote security by removing an element of human error. A positive blocking device makes it impossible to turn the key in the active door unless the inactive leaf has first been secured. The Adams Rite MS1880 must be installed in conjunction with a pivoted bolt MS® deadlock. Cannot be unlocked when pivoted bolt is in locked position. Not to be used as a standalone locking mechanism.


Turn knob or lever 180° clockwise to throw hardened steel bolts into header and threshold and clear strike opening so pivoted MS® bolt can enter from active door. Counterclockwise turn retracts vertical bolts and blocks entry of pivoted bolt. Operates in conjunction with any MS® pivoting deadlock.


Header | Threshold Bolt

Hexagonal 3/8" [9.5 mm] flat to flat. Stainless steel. Guides furnished. Bolt throw is 23/32" [18.3 mm]. Strike required in metal headers and thresholds is 1/2" [12.7 mm] diameter hole. For wood installation, two 4005 Strikes are required, available separately.


All steel mechanism includes device to prevent entry of pivoted bolt until vertical bolts are locked and conversely, to prevent unlocking of vertical bolts when pivoted bolt is locked.

Turn Lever | Indicator

Adams Rite MS1880 has an hourglass-shaped turn for firmer finger grip. Red background indicator has aluminum letters reading “LOCKED” when secure. No message shown when unlocked.

Adams Rite MS1881 has a teardrop-shaped turn with red letters on clear decal indicating unlock direction only.

Turn Height 

Matches cylinder height of MS® lock in active door

Standard Package 

Individually boxed with bolt guides and screws


The Adams Rite MS1880 is available in choice of powder coat 119 to match 335 Black anodized, 121 to match 313 Dark bronze anodized, and US26D (682) Satin chrome.

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Shipping weight 

2 lbs [.91 kg].


For wood header or threshold, 4005 Strike available separately.

For doors over 84" [2,133.6 mm] up to 120" [3,048 mm].

Tall Door Kit TDK-1880 available separately.

All measurements are approximate and are provided for informational purposes only. Refer to the product Installation Instructions

Adams Rite MS1880 Two Point Flushbolt Dimensions


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