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Alarm Lock Trilogy PDL 3000 IC - ELECTRONIC DIGITAL PROXIMITY LOCKS - Interchangeable Core

Buy the Alarm Lock PDL3000IC Card reader lock from Electronic Digital Proximity card Locks with Interchangeable Core at discounted prices from The Interchangeable Core - Accepts 6 or 7 pin cores from Arrow, Best, Falcon or KSP and other small format IC Cores.

The lock is Grade 1 BHMA Certified, which ensures long dependable life. It supports both prox+code access. This key card reader lock has a built in HID proximity reader. Give users access through HID prox ID cards or keyfob credentials. Alternatively, give users access by allotting them code to enter at the keypad. For highest security, give users both a card and code access. 

With the PDL 3000IC , a virtual electronic master key system allows access to locations that can be customized based on each users actual time, Insuring better access control.

The Alarm Lock PDL3000 IC supports 40,000 audit trail with date/timestamp for a printable record of door activity by users. Use an Alarm Lock accessory, like the Data Transfer Module to transfer data from PC to the alarmlock and receive audit trail data from access control lock to PC which controls access . Alternatively, use another Alarm Lock Accessory, the Infrared Printer to print the user codes and audit trail at the lock itself. 

The PDL3000IC is perfect for use in situations where ID Card access is required, such as commercial places like hospitals, retail stores, schools, airport, pharmacy and offices.

Finishes - The PDL 3000IC keycard reader comes in US26D Satin Chrome Finish. Other finishes including polished brass and duronodic are available upon request.


  • Use the same ID cards as hardwired access systems & install in about an hour
  • Save all the downtime and 1/2 the cost of hardwired systems
  • Provide access for up to 2000 users, with prox ID-cards or 3 to 6 digit codes including: Master, manager, supervisor and basic user. Users are individually programmed to use a card only, code only, or, for the highest security, both card and code.
  • Built-in HID Prox reader for entry with HID prox ID cards and keyfob credentials/Wiegand reader
  • Grade 1 BHMA Certified durability and rugged clutch mechanism ensure long dependable life
  • Weatherproof performance for indoor and outdoor applications, wide operating temperature range of -31°F to +151°F (-35°C to +66°C)
  • Electronic master key system with Wiegand card reader technology access customized to each user's hours - Give each user access to common areas and/or their individual area(s) and do so defined by the actual times they are permitted entry there.
  • Codes are fingertip programmable -or- downloadable via PC (with Free Windowsbased Alarm Lock Trilogy Software) or using optional Data Transfer Module
  • Wiegand reader ID Cards can be simply added locally by individually tapping them on the lock face -or- added in multiples in batch-enrollment with PC or optional Enroller Module
  • Easy to install in about an hour retrofits most cylindrical locksets and cleanly retrofits mechanical digital locks' prep.
  • Ideal ID-card access system solution, one door at a time - especially when hardwire access system capacity, timelines or budgets run out.
  • 500 scheduled events save manpower. Program events such as automatic locking or unlocking by daily, weekly or holiday schedule, etc. Includes 4 quick schedules for one-step set up of the 4 most common time schedules
  • Real time clock allows logging of events to within 1 second accuracy
  • Up to 40,000 event audit trail with time/date stamp for a printable record of door access activity by user
  • Adjustable entry time allowance from 3-15 seconds
  • Greater security with "temporary keypad lockout" after 6 unsuccessful code-entry attempts (adjustable from 1-9 attempts) - Attempts are also logged by time and date
  • Programmable relays energize when one or more selected events occur, e.g., in concert with a receptionist buzz-in application or with video cameras
  • Long-life battery operated; uses 5 off-the-shelf AA batteries; 60,000 cycles, typical. Audible and visual low-battery alert.
  • Standard key override or interchangeable core models accepting 6 or 7 pin cores from Arrow, Best, Falcon or KSP. Other IC core preps available
  • Available in standard Trilogy leverset (straight)
  • Seven finishes; polished brass (US3), satin brass (US4), antique brass (US5), polished chrome (US26), satin chrome (US26D), satin bronze (US10) and duronodic (US 10B).


Authorized digital code or prox technology ID allows lever to retract latch. Inside lever is always in passage mode and permits instant egress.


KEYPAD: Weatherproof, all metal, 12-button programmable for multi-level access functions. Proximity antenna housing molded of ultra high strength, impact resistant Lexan®.
HID Proximity Reader: Built-in, weather-sealed HID reader supports virtually all HID cards and HID fob credential formats.
DOOR THICKNESS: 1 5/8" to 1 7/8" standard. For 1 3/8" doors use HW567 & HW569 spacers. For other other thicknesses, please consult factory.
BACKSET: 2 3/4" Standard. 2 3/8" backset also available with this card reader lock
AUDIT TRAIL: Lock's activity log can be extracted by using the AL-DTMIII (data transfer module), the AL-PCI2 (PC interface) and/or can be on-site printed using the AL-IR1 (hand-held infrared printer)
STRIKE: 1-1/8” x 2-3/4” T strike standard. With screws for wood or metal jambs. 1 1/4" x 4 7/8". ASA strike also included.
FINISHES: US3 polished brass, US4 satin brass, US26D satin chrome, US26 polished chrome, US5 antique brass, US10 satin bronze and US10B durondic.
DOOR PREP: Standard ANSI A115 Series Prep, modified by adding additional through-bolt holes.
COMPLIANCES: BHMA Certified Grade I, heavy duty cylindrical lockset, UL listed to the 10C Positive Pressure Specification. Latchbolt is UL listed and 3-hour fire rated, FCC certified. ADA compliant levers.
STANDARD KEY OVERRIDE CYLINDER: Solid brass 6 pin tumbler cylinder keyed 5, SCI keyway, furnished in all K.O. models. Tailpieces for Schlage (HW580) & Lori (HW620) cylinders (furnished).
INTERCHANGEABLE CODE MODELS: Accepts 6 & 7 Pin Cylinders from: Best, Arrow, KSP, Falcon and Kaba Peaks. Also available IC Core models for Yale, Medeco, Corbin/Russwin, Sargent and Schlage (Schlage IC available only with regal (curved) handle). Alarm Lock tailpiece is supplied; IC Core is not included. POWER: 5AA alkaline batteries, supplied. Audible low battery alert, visual and audible entry indicators, 60,000 cycles typical.
PROGRAMMING: Locking modes, event schedules, group, individual, master, management, passage, emergency service codes. Lockout, remote override capability, and allowable entry time (3, 10 or 15 seconds), are programmable through the keypad, AL-DTMIIII or Alarm Lock's DL-Windows PC Software.  



 Alarm Lock | Alarm Lock Trilogy | Alarm Lock PDL3000IC


Alarm Lock | Alarm Lock Trilogy | Alarm Lock PDL3000IC



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