Alarm Lock Trilogy PDL6600CR - NETWORX ELECTRONIC PROXIMITY DIGITAL MORTISE LOCKS - Straight Lever Classroom Function with Door Position Switch

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Alarm Lock Trilogy Networx PDL6600CR - DIGITAL PROXIMITY LOCKS - Standard Key Override with Door Position Switch

The Alarm Lock PDL6600CR digital proximity wireless locks, are a comprehensive wirelessly networked door access solution, delivering wirelessly, information such as door status (open, close or held), forced door events, audit trail logs to a networked PC, and receiving information such as user access information from the networked PC. The locks and the networked PC communicate with each other through a bidirectional Alarm Lock Gateway.

Other features that can be performed wirelessly include, initiating a global lockdown from any wireless lock in the network, or from the server, and activating/deactivating passage mode throughout the network from the server.

A system of up to 2000 networked locks can be set up, using the Alarm Lock Gateways, with each gateway supporting up to 63 locks and each system supporting up to 53 gateways.

The Alarm Lock PDL6600CR series locks, are proximity door locks, and support both pin/prox id cards. These Grade 1 durability locks, are weatherproof for use both in indoor locations and outdoor locations, are easy to install, and have a long battery life, typical 5 years. 

By performing tasks remotely, the Alarm Lock PDL6600CR locks enable huge savings of time, money and resources, which standalone locks would require. 


  • Trilogy Networx Locks eliminate door-to-door programming and audit trail retrieval by communicating wirelessly via Ethernet or 802.11B/G, while providing all original Trilogy standalone lock’s functionality. They provide a quick, easy, economical door access with advanced features & functions, like automatic schedules, event logs and support for 2000 doors and 5000 existing Prox. HID ID Cards/Badges, but with no wires to run, and no extra power supplies to buy or install. At its simplest, it’s one Grade 1 durable mortise wireless battery-powered lock per door (prox & keypad model), installed in about an hour, communicating to a single Gateway (each gateway controls up to 63 locks), simply networked to a PC. Or, for realtime solutions, using Continental CardAccess 3000, the locks also deliver Intelli-Edge door status (open, close or held) and forced door events. In addition to Wireless Trilogy Networx’ unsurpassed battery-life, exceeding 5 years, the mortise models has new network-wide capabilities, executed from any lock or the network server, including emergency priority global lockdown or unlock deployed in seconds, and you can activate (non-priority) system-wide free-passage or locking modes globally or locally.
  • Trilogy Networx Locks communicate wirelessly via Ethernet or 802.11B/G for a comprehensive wireless networked door access control system, eliminating door-to-door programming and audit trail retrieval and providing all standalone Trilogy lock functionality plus new network-wide global emergency lockdown/unlock commands
  • Built in Power - Unsurpassed 5-year+ battery life, typical, using 4 C-cell batteries (supplied)**. (Automatic battery status reports at the PC; visual and audible low-battery status indicators at lock(s).
  • Trilogy Networx and gateway modules have an integral transceiver for highly-efficient 900MHz bidirectional communications, for longer range and less interference than with more common 2.4GHz spread spectrum devices. Alarm Lock devices require NO wiring; NO splitters or repeaters; NO hardwiring to the host/server; NO extra power supplies.
  • In seconds, activate emergency global lockdown/unlock from any Networx lock or the server (with or without the PC online), by any authorized user with global permissions (If desired, locks may be selectively programmed to be excluded from emergency global functions, i.e., they will ignore the lock/unlock command.)
  • System-wide free-passage enable or disable, can likewise be activated from the network
  • Locks support up to 5000 users with 3-6 digit numeric PIN codes/HID® proximity ID cards, fobs, credentials (Ideal for access doors where wiring a conventional HID reader is problematic.)
  • Instantly, in real time, wirelessly change users, schedules, lock features or retrieve audit trails of up to 10,000 events/lock from any networked PC.
  • Realtime daily, weekly, monthly unattended programming updates or event log retrievals can be scheduled to run automatically, saving manpower and productive time.
  • Secure 128bit AES PC encryption and proprietary RF-link lock-to-Gateway communication encryption protects the system from interference or tampering (WEP or WPA compatible with wireless modem).
  • Remote System Management: Web interface or VPN-connection /remote capability for accessing the Networx System and controlling up to all 2000 locks per account, with all the security and peace-of-mind of your IT network.
  • Minimizing hardware & installation costs, a single gateway module can be placed anywhere on any size network and interface between the PC network and up to 63 Networx locks. At its maximum, a Trilogy Networx system can comprise up to 53 gateways for the networking of up to 2000 locks or access controlled doors per account.
  • Networx Gateways’ wireless coverage performance equals or surpasses that of 802.11, with each Gateway spanning up to 900’ clear field range or 50,000 square feet of indoor coverage, typical***
  • Up to 53 wall- or ceiling-mountable, compact gateway modules can be used per account and are available in wireless/ hardwired and wired-only versions (with Power Over Ethernet (POE) option). The hybrid model connects using either 802.11 or standard Ethernet cable; the wired versions use an RJ-45 Ethernet cable. Networx communications support both wired Ethernet and wireless 802.11.
  • For the fastest most reliable networked system, in discovery setup mode, the system will locate and CardAccess 3000 will display each lock’s signal strength at each installed gateway, so you can select it and optimize reliable communications and eliminate guesswork.
  • Lock programming, user- and usage-data are also stored locally at the battery-powered lock for uninterrupted door access usage in a power outage or server offline situation.


  • Door Thickness: Fits 1 3/8” to 1 7/8” (4.46cm).
  • Backset: 2 3/4” standard
  • Strike: 1 1/4” x 4 7/8”strike included
  • Handing: Specify RH or LH when ordering, lock is reversible in the field
  • Power: 4 C- cell batteries (included)
  • Keypad: All metal, 12 button. Basic functions programmed through keypad
  • Door prep: Standard ANSI A115 Mortise prep, modified by adding additional through-bolt holes
  • Compliances: Steelcase lock body meets BHMA specifications for Grade 1 locks. UL listed to the 10C Positive Pressure Specification. FCC Certified. ADA Compliant levers.
  • Functions: Classroom function feature stainless steel latchbolt with 3/4” (1.91cm) projection and deadlocking latch
  • Cylinder: 1 3/8” (3.5cm) mortise cylinder supplied. Will Accept 1 3/8” to 1 1/2” (3.5 – 3.82cm) mortise Cylinder. Classroom function supplied with straight Cam.
  • Cams: Cams for other manufacturer’s cylinders are available
  • Weatherproof locks for indoor/outdoor use with wide operating temperature range (-31 to 151 degrees F).



Alarm Lock Trilogy Networx PDL6600CR Digital Mortise Locks Setup Diagram | Alarm Lock PDL6600CR Wireless Lock Setup Diagram


AL-IM80211 Hardwire/Wireless Gateway Interface Module, with integral bi-directional radio, interfaces Networx locks with PC network with hardwired Ethernet and wireless 802.11. Powered with Class 2, 6VAC transformer (supplied). Supports up to 63 Networx Locks. Two antennas. Ceiling or wall mountable.
AL-IME Hardwire Gateway Interface Module, supports up to 63 Networx Locks, similar to above, but using hardwired connection to the network via RJ45 Ethernet cable. One antenna. Powered with Class 2, 6VAC transformer (supplied). Ceiling or wall mountable.
AL-IMEPOE Hardwire Gateway Interface Module + POE, supports up to 63 Networx Locks, as above, but using hardwired Ethernet and Power Over Ethernet (P.O.E.). Connects directly to a network via Ethernet cable. One antenna. Ceiling or wall mountable.

** Note: Battery life is directly proportionate to lock activations: users, door usage, program updates and audit trail downloads. Expected 5 year+ battery consumption estimate assumes 2000 authorized users, 100 passes per day, 365 days per year; daily updates changing one user and downloading 200 logged events every day.

*** Note: Actual coverage is dependent upon building construction and mounting location of Gateway.



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