LCN 4040XP - Heavy Duty Door Closer

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17.00 LBS
Width x Height x Depth:
12.00 (in)


3.00 (in)


4.00 (in)

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The new 4040XP is LCN's most durable heavy duty commercial door closer designed for the most demanding, high use and abuse applications.

The new LCN 4040XP replaces and retro fits the 4041 door closure.

Shipped with regular arm for hinge side (pull side) and top jamb mount (push side), standard plastic cover, and self reaming and tapping screws on all LCN Door closers.

Door closers for interior doors to 5'0" and door closers for exterior doors to 4'0"

Power Size: The LCN4040XP is an adjustable door closer from size 1 through size 6 and is shipped set to size 3

UL: UL and cUL listed for self-closing doors without hold-open

4040XP can be used with all 4041 door hardware accessories

Closer meets ADA requirements.

XP = eXtra Protection in real world applications-An extra heavy duty door closer-Compare these closers to Dorma door closers, Norton door closers, Tell door closers or Sargent door closers. Ask any expert on commercial doors and hardware, they will tell you the 4040XP is the best door closer available.  

Cast Iron

Forged Steel Arm

Double Heat Treated Steel Pinion

All Weather Fluid on all hydraulic door closers (These are not pnuematic door closers)

Handing: Plastic covers are non-handed; metal covers require handing.

Door hardware closer Arm Options for LCN:

(Listed under LCN door closer parts)

Rw/PA - Regular w/62PA (Parallel Arm Shoe)
LONG- Long arm
Rw/62A - Regular w/62A (Auxiliary Parallel Arm Shoe)
Hw/PA - Hold-Open w/62PA (Parallel Arm Shoe)
HLONG - Long Arm, Hold-Open
EDA - Extra-Duty Arm
EDA w/62G - Extra Duty Arm w/62G (Thick Hub Shoe)
HEDA - Hold-open Extra Duty Arm
HEDA w/62G - Hold-Open Extra Duty Arm w/62G (Thick Hub Shoe)
CUSH - Cush-n-Stop
HCUSH - Hold-Open Cush-n-Stop
SCUSH - Spring Cush
SHCUSH - Spring Hold-Open Cush-n-Stop


REGULAR ARM - Non-handed arm mounts hinge side or top jamb. Parallel arm bracket required for parallel arm mounting.

REGULAR ARM (Rw/PA) - with parallel arm bracket

HOLD-OPEN ARM - non-handed arm mounts hinge side, top jamb or parallel arm (parallel arm bracket required ).Hold-open adjustable at shoe.

CUSH-N-STOP Arm (CUSH) - Optional, non-handed parallel arm features solid forged steel main arm and forearm with stop in soffit shoe

H-CUSH-N-STOP Arm (HCUSH) - Optional non-handed parallel arm, provides hold-open function with templated stop/hold-open points. Handle controls hold-open function.

SPRING CUSH ARM (SCUSH) - Optional, non-handed parallel arm for abusive applications features solid forged steel main arm and forearm with spring loaded stop in the soffit shoe standard on all LCN Hydraulic closers.


Please call to order optional finishes for all commercial door closers including LCN4040SE

LCN 4040 XP Series Documentation,LCN Door closer Parts List