Standalone Electronic Locks with Mortise Chassis/Mortise Deadbolt Chassis | Schlage AD-200 Series | Schlage AD-200-MS | Schlage AD-200-MD

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12.90 LBS
Width x Height x Depth:
12.00 (in)


14.38 (in)


5.90 (in)

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Schlage AD-200-MS | Schlage AD-200-MD - Standalone Electronic Locks with Mortise Chassis / Mortise Deadbolt Chassis

AD Series electronic locks from Schlage are designed to be modular and provide more options to choose from, more functionality in the lock and more compatibility with existing systems. Its patent-pending modular design allows the lock to be customized to fit the needs of an application now, and can change to meet future needs without removing it from the door.

Factory orderable options include choices of credential readers, chassis type, locking functions, power options, lever styles and finishes. It also offers a wide selection of features that can be configured in the field to customize your openings.

The AD-200 is a simple, economical solution if no access control system currently exists in facility, or for openings that don’t require the control of a networked solution. The AD-200 is easily upgradable to a networked lock if requirements change in the future.

On all AD Series standalone locks, Schlage has built in many of the incremental features needed in a networked system such as request-to-exit and -enter sensors, interior cover tamper guard, as well as the door position switch. This way, if the customer chooses to network this opening in the future, all the components will be there to make the transition an easy one.

Features and benefits

  • Security that’s more intelligent and convenient than traditional mechanical locking devices
  • Audit trail reports that allow you to track usage and events
  • Update users and access rights at the lock using the keypad or handheld device
  • The ability to upgrade to a networked solution without removing the lock from the door
  • Available in cylindrical, mortise, mortise deadbolt and exit trim
  • Compatible with major brands of master key systems and exit devices
  • Hardwired remote push button release capability
  • Programmable option for lighted occupancy indication (only with Privacy Function)
  • ANSI/BHMA A156.25, ANSI/BHMA Grade 1, UL 294, UL 10C, FCC Part 15, ADA, RoHS, FL12400 , FL1591 , FL13013 and FL14482 (FL12400 , FL1591 , FL13013 and FL14482 - only for mortise chassis)


Users: Up to 5000

Audits: Up to 5000

Credential verification time: ≤ 1 second (dependent on size of user base)

Visual/audible communications: Tri-colored LEDs and audible indicators (field configurable)

System interface: Handheld Device (HHD)

Power supply: 4AA, 8AA, 12 VDC or 24 VDC

Voltage range: 4 VDC to 26 VDC

Max current requirement: Up to 250 mA

Battery life: Up to 2 yrs with 4AA

Operating temperature - exterior: -31° to 151°F (-35° to 66°C)

Operating temperature - interior: 32° to 120°F (0° to 49°C) (battery)

Operating humidity: 0 - 100% non-condensing

Certifications: ANSI/BHMA A156.25, ANSI/BHMA Grade 1, UL 294, UL 10C, FCC Part 15, ADA, RoHS

Accessories: Handheld Device (HHD) or SUS-A Cable used with SUS Android mobile app (available late 2020)


  • Classroom/storeroom (not available with mortise deadbolt)
  • Office
  • Privacy
  • Apartment

Standard status signals

  • Battery status - indicated by flashing LED light
  • Lock/unlock status
  • Mechanical key override
  • Occupied - indicated by red LED light (privacy function only)

Schlage Utility Software

The Schlage Utility Software (SUS) on the Handheld Device (HHD), or compatible Android mobile devices (available late 2020) provides an easy way to manage people, audits and locks for simple access control management.

Schlage Utility Software

Initialize lock and accessories

Field configure devices

- Credential reader formats

- Lock function

- Unlock period

- Failure mode

- Audible alarm on/off

Service and diagnostics

- Battery status

- Validate hardware and software revision

- Troubleshooting status signals

New device template simplifies configuration

Mechanical specifications




Handed to order, field reversible

ANSI standard (Meets or exceeds) 


A156.13 Series 1000 Grade 1

Door thickness

1 3⁄4" standard,

1 3⁄8" to 2 3⁄4" optional (available in 1 ⁄8" increments) (call us for non standard door thickness)


Standard: 2 3⁄4"

Latch bolt

Standard: 3/4" throw

Optional: 1" throw on mortise deadbolt (call us for 1" throw)


Pressure cast zinc, plated

Strike Plate

Standard: 1 3⁄16" lip length, 1-1 ⁄4" x 4-7 ⁄8" Square Corner + box


  • 1-1/4" x 4-7/8" Square Corner + box; specify lip length (xx) as 1" or 1-1/2"
  • 1-1/4" x 4-7/8" Square Corner + box; specify lip length (xx) as 1-3/4"
  • 1/2" Rabbeted
  • Less Strike Plate

(call us for optional strike)

Cylinder and keys

Schlage 6-pin Everest 29 S123 keyway Conventional cylinder with two patented keys standard. Additional options available including SFIC, FSIC and competitor brands. See lever and cylinder compatibility data sheet (010432)

Schlage AD-200 Drawing and Dimensions

Schlage AD-200 Drawings | Schlage AD 200 Dimensions


Schlage AD-200 Series Reader Styles | Schlage AD 200 Series Reader Styles

Multi-Technology Reader Specification

Credential Technology

Proximity (125 kHz) and Smart (13.56 MHz)


ISO standard 15693 and ISO 14443

Maximum Read Range

Up to 1.25" on 125 kHz proximity, up to 0.75" on 13.56 MHz smart card

Proximity Credential Compatibility

1. Compatibility: Schlage®, ISONAS™, HID®, GE/CASI ProxLite®, AWID® and LenelProx®

2. Schlage credential style formats: Clamshell, ISO card, ISO card with magnetic stripe, keyfob, thin keyfob, PVC adhesive disk

Smart Credential Compatibility

1. Secure sector compatibility: Schlage MIFARE Classic®, Schlage MIFARE Plus®, Schlage MIFARE® DESFire® EV1 and EV2 with PACSA, PIV and PIV-I3,4

(Note 1: 75 bit output format default. Configurable to other output formats. Check with access control provider for specific support

Note 2: Smart card functionality dependant on access control software)

2. CSN only compatibility: DESFire, HID iClass®, Inside Contactless Pico Tag®, MIFARE, MIFARE DESFire EV1 and EV2, ST Microelectronics®, Texas Instruments Tag-It®, Phillips I-Code®

3. Schlage credential style formats: Clamshell, ISO card, ISO card with magnetic stripe, keyfob, thin keyfob, wearable wristband, PVC adhesive patch


FCC, UL 294 Listed, ISO standard 15693, and ISO standard 14443


Option for 12 button, 3x4 matrix backlit keypad

Benefits of AD Series Multi-Technology Readers

  • Reads multiple brands of both proximity (125 kHz) and smart (13.56 MHz) technologies with single reader
  • Allows facility to migrate to more secure credential technologies over time and as budgets permit

Additional Readers

Magnetic stripe

  • Available with choice of insertion or swipe style readers
  • Triple track reader (1, 2 or 3), field configurable
  • ABA, ISO76XX standard


  • Backlit keypad
  • 12 button, 3x4 matrix

Lever Styles

 Schlage AD-200 Series Lever Styles | Schlage AD 200 Series Lever Styles


Schlage AD-200 Series Finishes | Schlage AD 200 Series Finishes

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