Alarm Lock AL-IME2-PIE Plug-in Expander Module

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Alarm Lock AL-IME2-PIE Plug-In Expander Module

The Trilogy® Networx™ Plug-In Expander extends the coverage area of a Generation 2 Series ALIME2 Gateway to Trilogy Networx Locks within a PC network, allowing greater distances for the placement of up to a maximum rated capacity of 63 networx locks per Version 2 Gateway.

Used in place of additional Gateways, each AL-IME2-PIE Expander, is simply plugged into a standard AC outlet, and can extend the Gen.2 Gateway’s coverage area by approximately 100 feet. (See range specs, below.) Typically introduced into the network when a Gateway does not provide sufficient signal strength to a particular area, it is designed to extend coverage and thus facilitate communications with a wireless lock or a group of wireless locks.

The AL-IME2-PIE Expander must be used with a Generation 2 AL-IME2 Series Gateway, but can be intermixed in an existing system that includes older “non-version 2” Gateways. However, at least one Version 2 Gateway must powered and online before an AL-IME2-PIE Expander will function within the network.

AL-IME2-PIE Expanders simply plug into an AC outlet and offer the most cost effective equipment- and labor-costs. ( Versus conventional Gateways and Expanders, AL-IME2-EXP). They also provide a simplified ‘Plug and Play’ setup, where the Networx system automatically identifies all newly-powered Expanders and quickly self-determines the best wireless signal pathways. Up to 7 Expanders can be added to support one Generation 2 Series Gateway. Each Gen. 2 Gateway and a maximum of seven (7) Expanders can be addressed as one group. There are a total of 99 addressable groups supported .


  • Maximum of 7 AL-IME-PIE Expanders per one Version 2 Series Gateway (Addressed as one group)


  • Gateway/Expander to Locks: Clear field range 500’. Typical indoor range, Networx 75- 175’; ArchiTech Networx 50 -125’. Note: Actual range varies with building construction.
  • Gateway/Expander to Expander: Clear field range 500’. Typical indoor range, 75- 175’. Note: Actual range varies with building construction.


  • 900 MHz GFSK
  • 50 Channels
  • 10 mW power output


  • Peak Supply Current: 650 mA
  • Input Voltage: 5 - 6 volts AC
  • Occupies one(1) 12VAC Outlet as External Power


  • Operating Temperature: -20˚ to 60˚C (-4˚ to 140˚F)
  • Storage Temperature: -40˚ to 85˚C (-40˚ to 185˚F)


  • Trilogy Networx supported by Alarm Lock DL-WINDOWS for centralized programming, database management and updates; free download available online. Optional Enterprise Real-Time Processing Solution choice of Lenel OnGuard® or Continental CardAccess® Integration.


  • Enclosure Size 4.3”H x 2.5”W x .875”D, 0.35 lbs. (5”H with tab)


View/Download Alarm Lock AL-IME2-PIE Plug-In Expander Module Specification Sheet