Adams Rite MS1847 - Series MS® Deadlock/Deadlatch

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Adams Rite MS1847-Series MS® Series MS® Deadlock/Deadlatch, Stainless Steel

The Adams Rite MS1847 Deadlock/Latch for ultra-narrow stile aluminum sliding doors features a self-protecting bolt with adjustable bolt projection.


A compact lock designed to fit within very narrow sliding door stiles without compromising the high degree of security that these doors need. The sturdy stainless steel bolt has two important features not usually found in sliding door hardware. First, it is adjustable: a full 3/16" [4.8 mm] lengthening or shortening of bolt projection is possible by turning an exposed screw in the face of the lock. This can compensate for considerable misalignment between door and jamb. Second, the bolt is self-protecting: if the door is closed with the bolt in the locked position, the bolt will retract immediately upon contact with the jamb, thus preventing damage or accidental lockout.


Cylinder pulls are available separately for keyed operation. Three hub slot positions allow installation even where jamb and stile design provides severely limited turn clearance.



The case of the Adams Rite MS1847 Deadlock/Deadlatch measures 1/2" x 3-3/16" x 1-1/8" [12.7 mm x 80.97 mm x 28.6 mm].

It is made of stainless steel.


The bolt of the Adams Rite MS1847 is made of three-ply laminated stainless steel. Designed to withstand approximately one-half ton of either horizontal or vertical force. Anti-lift bolt stops both door-from-jamb pry bar attacks and attempts to lift the door from its track.


Rectangular face or full radiused ends.

Latch Version

The MS1847-11 and MS1847-13 feature the same stainless steel hookbolt, but the bolt is springloaded for automatic latching. All dimensions and available accessories for the MS1847 Deadlocks also apply to MS1847 Deadlatches.

Standard Package

Case-packed with mounting screws. Turn and cylinder pull available separately.

Shipping weight

1/2 lb [0.23 kg].

Adams Rite MS1847 Series Deadlock Deadlatch


MS1847 Face Shape | Adams Rite MS 1847 Face Shape


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