GRADE 1 MORTISE LEVERED LOCKS - Exit Lock - Escutcheon Trim - Standard Collection Levers | Schlage L9025

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7.20 LBS
Width x Height x Depth:
8.40 (in)


7.70 (in)


3.00 (in)

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Schlage L9025 - GRADE 1 MORTISE LEVERED LOCK - Exit Lock - Standard Lever Collections with Escutcheon Trim (Schlage L Series)

For standard door thickness of 1-3/4", lock comes with Standard Strike (1-1/4" x 4-7/8" square corner strike + box. 1-3/16" lip length) and Armor Front (1-1/4" wide Latch Only). Call us for different door thickness for additional options.

Note: Left Hand Handing is the same as Right Hand Reverse Handing and Right Hand Handing is the same has Left Hand Reverse Handing. See handing chart for clarification. Click here to see our Door Handing guide.

PASSAGE Function

• No outside Trim

• Inside lever always free for immediate egress



The Schlage L9000 series has long been the benchmark for heavy-duty mortise locks.

  • Exceeds Security Grade 1 and Operational Grade 1 ratings
  • Every lock undergoes intensive testing to determine its ANSI grade level:
    • Cycle tests
    • Resistance tests
    • Door impact tests
    • Warped door tests
    • Bolt strength tests
  • Levers constructed of solid brass or solid stainless steel for a strong-yet-comfortable feel
  • Whether the application calls for high abuse resistance or just operation over millions of cycles without any degradation in performance, users can have confidence that the locks will last


A strong lock is only part of the security equation—proper key and card access control is equally important.

  • Dealer and end user restricted geographically exclusive Primus XP options for advanced key control
  • SL cylinders are uniquely designed to accept the same Schlage A2 key system used in SFIC cylinders, enabling one key system to span three unique cylinder formats for better control 


The Schlage L9000 Series has long been the benchmark for mortise locks. Beyond strength and security – it offers tremendous flexibility to allow it to meet the needs of most every application. The ability to suite across electronic, tubular, exit trim, and multi-point locks allows the Schlage L9000 Series mortise lock to integrate seamlessly into any environment. 

Key features

  • Exceeds ANSI/BHMA Grade 1 operational and security standards
  • Expansive list of configurations and options, including retrofit indicators
  • “The Original” universal lock case allows creation of 10 functions from a single lock body
  • 14 finishes and 33 levers, two knobs, five roses and three escutcheon designs
  • Supports standard, SFIC and FSIC cylinder formats
  • Multiple key systems available – open, patented, restricted, geographic exclusive, UL 437

Accessibility and life safety

Door hardware should be as effective in helping people go about their lives as it is in securing their environments. The Schlage L Series is designed with these requirements in mind.

  • Accessibility - Complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), which requires that “Operable parts shall be operable with one hand and shall not require tight grasping, pinching, or twisting of the wrist. The force required to activate operable parts shall be 5 pounds (22.2 N) maximum.”
  • Life safety - Is UL listed for use on 3-hour fire doors. All levers with returns comply with the California State fire code for return to within 1 ⁄2" of the door face.
  • Lead lined solutions - Lead lined locks are intended for use in X-ray or other rooms with radiation concerns. Call us for more details.
  • Tactile warning for the visually impaired - Tactile warning is a special knurled surface used to alert the visually impaired to a potential hazard on the opposite side of the door (exit to street, a workshop or other hazardous areas). Tactile warning is typically applied to the outside lever only, and is specified by an 8 prefix on the lever number. Available on 01, 02, 03, 05, 06, 07, 12, 17, 18, M51, M52, M81, ME1, ME2, ME3 lever designs. Call us for more details.
    Schlage L9025 Mortise Lock with Tactile Warning for Visually Impaired



L9025 Mortise Lock Detailed Look



The Standard Collection

The Standard Collection levers are built to exacting standards. The Standard Collection levers offer a more traditional style that is appropriate for use in a number of commercial applications.

 Standard Collection Lever for L9000 Mortise Lock

Standard Collection Lever for L9000 Mortise Lock


Three Escutcheons are available to help to match the design and performance needed for your application.

L9000 Mortise Lock Escutcheon Styles


Schlage L9000 Finishes

Click here to see our Definitive List of Door Hardware Finishes

About Schlage L9000 Series

Security has always been at the heart of all of Schlage's products. Since the beginning nearly 100 years ago, Schlage has consistently delivered innovation and continuous improvement to the solutions you have grown to trust. And the L9000 Series mortise locks are no exception.

Proven Technology

The L9000 Series is built to withstand the rigors of daily use without fail and is among the most durable, dependable and intelligent family of products on the market today. When you choose a Schlage lock you can have confidence you’ve chosen a solution that will provide protection at the most critical moments.

Comprehensive offering for every opening

With an extensive list of functions, keying, trim, levers and finish options the L9000 Series works for any application.

World-class style and design

Door hardware is both a functional component and an architectural element. All the more reason to select durable door hardware that can be suited across a facility—all the more reason to select Schlage along with other Allegion brands.

With an expansive selection of levers that are packed with style and durability, a lineup of finishes to enhance any environment, and options to suite with cylindrical and tubular locks and exit devices means that you have more choices that support your goals for aesthetic consistency throughout a room, a floor, or an entire facility.


Schlage L Series Mortise Lock Documentation Files