Select SL40 HD Heavy Duty Wide Throw Geared Continous Hinges

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12.00 LBS
Width x Height x Depth:
4.00 (in)


87.00 (in)


3.00 (in)

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Select SL40 HD Heavy Duty Wide Throw Geared Continous Hinges

The Select SL40 HD heavy duty wide throw geared continous hinges for clearance of brick moldings or special door/frame designs. This frame leaf of the Select SL40 HD covers butt hinge preps. The Select SL40HD flush mounted hinge is a grade 1 hinge, designed for 1-3/4'' thick doors.

Even though the Select SL40HD is available in lengths of 83'' and 95'', custom lengths are available upon request. Similary, apart from the Clear Anodized Aluminium and Dark Bronze Anodized Aluminium finishes, custom painted and anodized finishes are also available for the Select SL40-HD hinges. Electric preparations for the Select SL40-HD hinges are also available upon request.

The Select SL40 HD hinge is a very high quality product - it has a US Department of State certification, and is approved for use in US embassies around the world.

The Select SL40-HD hinge is agood substitute for the Roton 780-235HD hinge. Other cross reference for the Select SL40HD include the Pemko WTFMHD and the McKinney MCKWTHD hinges.

The Select SL40HD Wide Throw Geared Continous Hinge is available at extremely economical prices at Call us today for any questions that you might have. We are your answer to 'Buy Economical Select Hinges Online'.

Features of the Select SL40HD


Extruded 6063 T6 aluminum alloy with self-lubricating polyester thrust bearings.


Select SL40-HD is available in 83"and 95" lengths standard for nominal door heights. Custom lengths are available.


For 1-3/4" doors. 48" max. door width in 16 gauge hollow metal (min.) or 1/8" aluminum (min.).

Heavy Duty — Tested per BHMA standards. Up to 200 lb. doors (high-frequency) and up to 400 lb. doors (medium-frequency) without frame or door reinforcement; up to 600 lb. doors (low-frequency) with the use of Rivnuts in the frame and door.


All SL40HD hinges are stocked in Clear and Dark Bronze anodized aluminum. Custom anodized or painted finishes are available. Product painted or anodized in the field voids the SELECT hinge warranty.


Conventional overhead surface, concealed sliding arm overhead or floor closers may be used with SELECT hinges. Pivot-type floor closers (with a fixed, conflicting center pivot) must be replaced.


Specify length, finish and heavy duty (HD). Also, specify door and frame screw applications. 12-24 x 3/4" self-drilling, thread-forming 410SS Phillips undercut flathead screws are provided as a standard pack unless otherwise specified. Wood and thread-forming screws also available. Security screws optional at extra cost.


EPT, EMS and CMG. For EPT prep on this hinge model, please consult us for engineering approval.


Select SL40 HD wide throw geared continuous hinges conform to BHMA Standard ANSI/BHMA A156.26-2006 Grade 1.

Select SL40-HD Screw Count

Select SL40 Screw Count

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