Alarm Lock Trilogy DL3500DB - ELECTRONIC DIGITAL MORTISE LOCKS - Straight Lever Deadbolt Function

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Alarm Lock Trilogy DL3500DB - Electronic Digital Mortise Lock - Straight Lever Deadbolt Function

Alarm Lock Systems, LLC, is a reputed designer and manufacturer of standalone electronic digital locks sold under the brand name Trilogy, and wirelessly networked access control systems sold under the brand name Trilogy Networx.

The Alarm Lock DL3500DB - Electronic Digital Mortise Lock - Straight Lever Deadbolt Function is a weatherproof lock and operates perfectly in temperatures ranging from -20 to 151 degrees F (-29 to 66 degrees C). It is available in a standard Trilogy leverset (straight).

The lock stores up to 300 user codes (Master, manager, supervisor & basic users), 40,000 event audit trail logs and 500 scheduled events and holiday schedules. Program and audit trail activities are stored in a non-volatile memory, thus ensuring that data is not erased in case of power failure.

The DL3500DB Deadbolt Lock features a stainless steel deadbolt with 1” (2.55cm) projection, latch bolt with 3/4” (1.91cm) projection and deadlocking latch. It is supplied with cylinder with cloverleaf cam and deadbolt may be projected from key cylinder from outside door or turn-piece from inside door.

The lock has Tri-Coloured LED indicator which indicates acceptance (green) or denial (red) of user code. Low battery condition is indicated by yellow color. It is powered with 5 AA alkaline batteries which are good for a typical 80,000 cycles.

Alarm Lock accessories such as the Data Transfer Module or the PC Interface cable can be used to transfer audit logs from the lock to PC, or to program the lock codes and schedules. A very handy tool is the Alarm Lock Infrared Printer, to print the audit logs directly at the lock itself.


  • Advanced high-security electronic mortise digital locks with audit trail & timed locking
  • 300 User codes: Master, manager, supervisor & basic users.
  • All Trilogy Mortise Lock Models are weatherproof and operate from -20 to 151 degrees F (-29 to 66 degrees C)
  • Fingertip - or Windows PC-Programmable.
  • Real time clock enables up to 500 scheduled events and holiday schedules.
  • 40,000 Event audit trail provides a printed time/date-stamped log of all electronic activity.
  • Audit trail polling to handheld infrared printer, PC or data transfer module.
  • Standalone access control system with long-life batteries and low battery alert.
  • Choose either left or right-handed deadbolt function model
  • Exceptionally durable with both strong clutch mechanism and stainless steel latchbolt and deadbolt (where applicable).
  • Quick Passage mode enabled with any authorized user codes and function code (does not require lock be in program mode)
  • Available in four finishes (US 26D, 26, 5 & 3), plus special order finishes (including US10B).
  • Available in standard Trilogy leverset (straight) 


Scheduled Events: Program to lock/unlock; disable/enable users; 4 built-in time schedules
Audit Trail with Time/Date Stamp: Provides a printable record of all electronic activity, including, Unlock/lock events, program mode changes, user entry, keypad lockout, remote release events, unauthorized code attempts, etc.

  • 4 Programming levels
  • 4 User groups
  • 3 to 6 digit codes
  • One-time service code
  • Total user lockout code
  • First-Manager-In feature set
  • All-time panic exit function from within premises. From the inside of the door, a single turn of the lever simultaneously releases latchbolt and deadbolt (where applicable).
  • Tri-colored LED indicator indicates code acceptance or denial (green or red, respectively), or low battery condition (yellow).
  • Non-volatile memory of both programming and audit trail activity
  • Keypad lockout after numerous attempts to guess codes
  • Programmable Form C Relay functions for scheduled on manual control of CCTV, lighting, ambush function, alarm system, etc.
  • Standard ANSI 115.1 Mortise prep modified with added through-bolt holes.


Authorized digital code enables outside lever to retract latchbolt, deadlocking latch and deadbolt (where applicable). Inside lever is always in passage mode and permits instant egress.


Operating Temperature: Weatherproof lock operating range from -20 to 151 degrees F (-29 to 66 degrees C)
Keypad: Weatherproof all-metal, 12-button programmable for multi-level access functions.
Programming: Locking modes, event schedules, group or individual user codes, master and management codes, passage and emergency or service code, lockout and remote override capability and allowable entry time (3, 10 or 15 seconds), etc. are programmable through the keypad, from the Data Transfer Module (AL-DTM) or using any PC running Alarm Lock DL-Windows Software.
Audit Trail: Locks’ entry activity log can be polled to the Data Transfer Module (AL-DTM), any PC using DL-Windows Software, and/or can be on-site printed using the hand-held infrared printer (AL-IR1).
Power: 5AA alkaline batteries extended operations, furnished. Audible low battery alert, visual and audible entry indicators, 80,000 cycles, typical.
Door Thickness: Standard 13/4” (4.46cm) thickness. (Accepts 1 3/8” to 1 7/8” or 3.5 to 4.7cm). Call factory for thicker door requirements.
Backset: 23/4” (7.01 cm)
Door Prep: Standard ANSI 115.1 Mortise prep, modified with added through-bolt holes.
Cylinder: 1-3/8” (3.5cm) mortise cylinder supplied. 13/8” – 1 - 11/2” (3.5 - 3.82cm) mortise cylinders accepted. Deadbolt Models are supplied with cylinder with cloverleaf cam.
Deadbolt Models: Feature stainless steel deadbolt with 1” (2.55cm) projection, latchbolt with 3/4” (1.91cm) projection and deadlocking latch. Deadbolt may be projected from key cylinder from outside door or turnpiece from inside door.
Interchangeable Cores: Will accept interchangeable core mortise cylinders with compatible cams. Call us for details.
Trim: Standard Trilogy Handle Leverset (squared) or optional Regal curved lever handle.
Handing: Specify Right or Left hand when ordering. If reverse handing is required, lock is field reversible. See installation instructions for directions.
Strike: ASA strike supplied, matched to classroom or deadbolt function model & lock handing. Standard strike is 4-7/8” (12.43cm) and includes combination wood/metal screws.
Finishes: US26D Satin Chrome, US3 Polished Brass, US10B Duronodic
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Compliances: Steelcase lockbody meets BHMA specifications for Grade 1 locks. UL Listed to the 10C Positive Pressure Specification. Latchbolt is UL Listed, and 3-hour fire rated. FCC Certified. ADA compliant levers.



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