Alarm Lock Trilogy PDL1300- NARROW STYLE PROXIMITY LOCK - With Straight Lever

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Alarm Lock Trilogy PDL1300 - Narrow Stile Proximity Lock - With Straight Lever

The Alarm Lock Trilogy PDL1300 Narrow Stile Proximity Lock is designed to fit on the narrow aluminium frame that surrounds the glass of a retail or commercial storefront door. The PDL1300 is a keypad/PC programmable narrow stile entry trim for Adams Rite® 4710, 4730 and 4900 Series latch locks.

Users can gain access either through a prox credential such as a HID prox ID card, prox keyfob, or prox tag, or use a 3-6 digit pin code. In case of High Security Applications the lock can be configured to allow entry only when both a PIN code is entered and a Prox ID card is scanned. The lock can store up to 2000 user codes/prox credentials and supports multilevel user hierarchy (master, manager, supervisor & basic users). The lock also supports automatic lock/unlock scheduling of up to 500 events, which can be programmed through the PC.

The audit trail functionality allows 40,000 event logs to be stored on the lock, which can be downloaded into a PC using Alarm Lock's Data Transfer Module or PC Interface Cable. Alternatively, the audit logs can be printed using the Alarm Lock Infrared Printer. Activities that are logged include unauthorized code access events, program mode changes, locking/unlocking events, user entry logs etc.

The Alarm Lock PDL1300 lock is a weatherproof lock and operates perfectly in temperatures ranging from -31 to 151 degrees F (-35 to 66 degrees C). It is powered by 2 Lithium 3V batteries which are good for 65,000 cycles typical.

The lock comes in a US26D Satin Chrome finish. Other finishes like Duronodic, Metallic Silver and Metallic Bronze are available upon request.

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  • Narrow Stile Access Locks
  • PDL1300 PIN/prox aluminum door retrofit outside trim
  • Aluminum door retrofit outside trim for Adams Rite 1850, 1950, 4710, 4070, 4730, 4900 Series and MS1850S and MS1950S Series latch locks.
  • Field-proven, familiar Trilogy® programming & electronics
  • PIN/Prox Models support 2000 users (see model info.)
  • 40,000 event audit trail in 1300 Series models, provides door usage activity reports at wireless handheld printer, laptop or PC.
  • All-metal, vandal-resistant 12-button keypad supports 3-6 digit PIN codes, and multilevel user hierarchy (master, manager, supervisor, basic users)
  • Keypad or PC programmable (see model info.). Quickly and easily add or delete users and enter “passage mode”, service codes, group lock-out & group-enable
  • HID Prox ID cards, keyfobs and prox tags supported in PDL-1300 Series models featuring built in Prox reader. (High security applications can require use of both PIN code plus Prox ID for access.)
  • Real time clock and PC programmable automatic lock/unlock scheduling for 500 events (1300 Series models).
  • Wide weatherproof operating range from -31 to 151ºF (-35 to 66C)


  • PDL1300 Series supports 2000 PIN or Prox users and includes 40,000 event audit trail and 500 event schedule. Keypad or PC programmable. (Includes 2 Lithium 3V batteries) (See accessories below.)
  • KIT ALSO AVAILABLE: Complete electronic and mechanical access retrofit kit including Trilogy electronic narrow stile trim and mechanical Adams Rite 4900 Series dead latch lock (specify either 1 1/8" or 1 1/2" backset for mechanical lock required).


Wireless standalone locks: Long-life, battery- operated; Includes audible and visual low battery alert. (Uses standard off-the-shelf batteries.)
Non-handed; fully field-reversible
Key override; interchangeable cores supported (Corbin/Russwin, Yale, Schlage, Medeco.)
Mortise Cylinder, 1-1/4” supplied. (Supports 1-1/8, 1-1/4 and 1-3/8”)
Compact styling 14-3/8”H x 1-5/8”D x 1-3/4”W
Backsets 31/32”,1-1/8” and 1-1/2” ; Stile thickness 1-3/4”
Four attractive standard finishes US26D Satin Chrome, US10B Duronodic, MS Metallic Silver and MB Metallic Bronze



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